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Re: I am so sad!

Posted by: John Doe
Date: Monday, 24 May 1999, at 2:49 p.m.

In Response To: I am so sad! (Marnie)

> I recently was able to reconnect with The Company
> Therapist after an absence. I have been visiting the
> site since 1997, but went on maternity leave for several
> months, and after finally settling back at work, decided
> to get caught up. I am so sad to learn this site is no
> longer active. I really enjoyed all of the stories. It
> would be the BEST if somehow the site could remain
> active...however I understand that people's lives must
> go on. So it would be great to get closure on all the
> patients - past and current. Just my 2 cents. Thanks!!

Yes, this was a great site and I will certainly worry about what will happen to all the characters unable to get treatment now that the "doctor is out" permanently.

Perhaps all the patients could appear in one final scene in which the absence of Dr. Balis results in relapses into their most precarious past states. At that point, they could combine forces to unleash their unique brands of madness upon the so-called sane world in a final blaze of glory.

I picture Darden then going truly wild during that dark and stormy riot-filled night. He would bust into a furniture store and wale the tar out of sofas, mattresses and ottomans.

It could make a good movie. Couch Wars.

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