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schizophrenia undifferentiated

Posted by: Lori Godsey <>
Date: Monday, 27 September 1999, at 7:06 a.m.

hello doc!

my name is Lori, i was diagnosed with schizophrenia undifferentiated type...but the problem is i dont know much about it...i dont know if it goes away..or develops into a much larger type of schizophrenia...i live in Tn...and i have a 9 yr old daughter....i am very concerned about this problem...i am seeing a psychiatrist presently...Dr James Turnbull..i heard he was famous (hahaha dont know bout that one, just a rumor)...i do have a full time job...sometimes its too much FULL time...we work anywhere from 40 to 70 hours per week...especially during the christmas season...anyway..could you give me some information on this type of schizophrenia? i would most certainly appreciate it..

Thank you for your time.


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