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Re: schizophrenia undifferentiated

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Monday, 27 September 1999, at 12:27 p.m.

In Response To: schizophrenia undifferentiated (Lori Godsey)

> could you give me some information on
> this type of schizophrenia? i would most certainly
> appreciate it..

I'm sorry, Lori, but we don't have much help to give. The Company Therapist is a fictional site and none of us are really medical professionals. We're glad that you've found the assistance of a genuine psychiatrist--we hope you find him helpful.

As "Sigh" pointed out, the web is filled with resources for learning about medical conditions including schizophrenia.

Below, we've included the URL for a page which has a list of information about schizophrenia which may be helpful. Obviously, we haven't looked at this information and can't vouch for its relevance or accuracy. It may make a good start for your research.

Good luck,

Christopher and Olga Werby; Pipsqueak Productions

Page of Links Regarding Schizophrenia

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