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What planet do you guys live on?

Posted by: Damon Tempey, Ph.D., L.P. <>
Date: Friday, 8 October 1999, at 11:52 a.m.

Dear friends,

I'm amazed at the complexity of your hyperdrama, and dismayed at the out-of-touch quality of your hyperdrama. Please let me offer several comments about the latter:

1. One of the transcripts I glanced at was noted as the 76th session. In the world of managed care, there's no way a managed care gatekeeper would approve 76 therapy sessions. Managed care companies want brief, problem-oriented courses of psychotherapy, not endless or open-ended courses of Tx.

2. Speaking of transcripts, most of us in the therapy trenches do not have the luxury of having our sessions transcribed, nor do we have the time to read through transcriptions, ours our someone else's. We barely have time to take notes during sessions, then deal with the gatekeepers.

Thanks for listening.

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