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Re: What planet do you guys live on?

Posted by: Joseph Longfellow
Date: Saturday, 23 October 1999, at 4:02 p.m.

In Response To: What planet do you guys live on? (Damon Tempey, Ph.D., L.P.)

> Dear friends,

> 1. One of the transcripts I glanced at was noted as the
> 76th session. In the world of managed care, there's no
> way a managed care gatekeeper would approve 76 therapy
> sessions. Managed care companies want brief,
> problem-oriented courses of psychotherapy, not endless
> or open-ended courses of Tx.

On the contrary...I know several people who have been in therapy with the same doctor for years on end.

> 2. Speaking of transcripts, most of us in the therapy
> trenches do not have the luxury of having our sessions
> transcribed, nor do we have the time to read through
> transcriptions, ours our someone else's. We barely have
> time to take notes during sessions, then deal with the
> gatekeepers.

That's true -most of the shrinks I've been spend their time daydreaming than attempting to assist a grieving human being.

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