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Re: where's the new stuff?

Posted by: Olga <>
Date: Monday, 1 November 1999, at 10:22 a.m.

In Response To: where's the new stuff? (curious reader)

> Hey,

> I have been checking and re-checking this site
> periodically, patiently waiting for those updates that
> were mentioned in this message board several months ago.
> You said Anna and Alex both were going to be updated and
> I'm wondering if and or when it's going to happen?

> Based on the exciting remarks posted here from the past
> few weeks, it is clear the people who visit this site
> have had nothing better to do than insult one another,
> unfortunately. How about some updates so us bored folk
> can have something better to do while we're visiting
> this site??? I'd really love to see how Anna's story
> ends. . .Alex's too!!!

I'm glad that people still want more! Makes me very happy...

We do have the content for Alex, and I have some ideas for Anna. Unfortunately, we've been swamped with work and kids...

This is not an excuse, but it is an apalogy--we'll get on it soon. I promise!


> How about it guys? thanks. . .

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