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Recommended new book on Child Abuse

Posted by: Jose G Acosta <>
Date: Saturday, 2 December 2000, at 2:57 p.m.



I am a native of Las Cruces, New Mexico now residing in Orlando, Florida. As of Monday 25, September 2000, my new book has been published and released. The following is the information for my book release. My name is Jose G Acosta. I served proudly for over 19.5 years in the US Navy as a Chief in engineering. I was medically discharged before I reached 20 years. My book is a collection of poetry. The story in this book is true and all events occurred mostly in Las Cruces. You may contact me at home if you require additional information. Thank you for your consideration in the review of this book.

"From Fear to Hope & Back Again"

By Jose G Acosta

A collection of poetry set in sequence telling a story. The true story of a child that was raped (sexually abused being to kind of a phrase) and physically abused at the age of five in a foster home. After a year in the foster home he was returned to his paternal family. Here his childhood continued, experiencing the darkness of poverty, family alcoholism and tragedies. The poems reflect how those events formed the character of this child. Powerful writings that come from the memories of this child have tended to trigger emotions and flashbacks in many that have read the articles.

Emotions from fear, to hope and even love are dealt with compassionately. Romance and love are met with caution and the flashbacks of the abuse are as strong as the events themselves. Even after 35 years, a name, a scent, or a song triggers the devastating memories to reduce a man to become a child once more. With a passion for life no one can deny, this child learns about hope and thrives to succeed. This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, each dealing with an event in the person's life. This is a true story. This book cannot only be read it can be felt.

Jose G Acosta, the author was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico in January 1959. The sixth of twelve children, The hardships of poverty placed him in a foster home at the age of five. After over a year he was reunited with his paternal family. Excelling in academics through out his school years he received three academic scholarships to attend New Mexico State University in the engineering programs. Shortly after he joined the United States Navy and served proudly for over 19 years before being medically discharged. Currently an engineer, conducting research and analysis for military training. He used writing as therapy and "From Fear to Hope & Back again" will be the first time his family is told of the events of his childhood in the foster home.

ISBN: 0-595-12949-8 $9.95 U. S. / $15.95 Canada September 2000 Published by Writers Club Press Address:, Inc. 620 North 48th Street, Suite 201 Lincoln, Nebraska 68504-3467

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