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‘Star Trek: The Ship of Fools’

Posted by: Aaron Agassi <>
Date: Tuesday, 1 May 2001, at 7:33 p.m.

Councilor's log, Starship USS Fisher King, Dr. Sigmund Freud:

The Emergency Medical Hologram seems to have activated on it's own and promptly developed a Messiah Complex. But for all I know, these things may be considered normal here, my experience with Holograms being somewhat limited. And the Captain's death wish is also very much cultural. He frightens me as much as his loyal and unbalanced Security Chief excites me sexually. I must confess that I do find it all quite Oedipal!

Worse. I am with dread that in this strange new world he may have become involved something bizarre and terrible, and repressed it from conscious memory.


Come help beta test prototype Science Fiction writers' brainstorming community!

The ‘Star Trek: The Ship of Fools’ format offers colorful and motivated new characters in original interesting situations for the exploration of ideas to join in all new and ongoing fanfic collaboration Online.

‘Star Trek: The Ship of Fools’


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