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Re: The Company Therapist translated for Valley Girls

Posted by: fulkerson
Date: Thursday, 21 August 1997, at 7:41 p.m.

In Response To: The Company Therapist translated for Valley Girls (pip)

> The 80s Server, a terrific entertainment
> site, has a feature which seems like it was made
> for The Company Therapist. It takes the therapy
> sessions and translates them into Valley Girl speak.
> It's funny if you're a reader. If you're an author...well,
> I think it's even better. Take a look. Go and type
> in into the URL at
> , and then read a session!

> Angela G.'s post on the music generation program
> made me remember the Valley Girls feature, so I
> read her patient Alan as translated. It really makes
> a fundamental change in his character!

> Christopher Werby Not to mention a HUGE change in Dr. Balis! I'm like totally on the floor and way freaked, you know?

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