Patient Name: Nina Alvidrez

Year of Birth: 1979

Occupation: Secretary for Tom Utterman, SII

Relations: Mother is Angelica Alvidrez, Travel Administrator to Lloyd Major, has worked at SII for 11 years.

Original Complaint (physical): headaches, undiagnosed stomach ailments, joint aches, backaches, undiagnosed asthma.

Original Complaint (psychological): shy, sad.

Brief Summary: Ms. Nina Alvidrez is a very shy young woman who was brought to me by her mother for failing to function well in a corporate environment. Nina suffers from multiple undiagnosed ailments. She is very reluctant to speak to me, and it's a struggle to get her to come to her therapy sessions. I'm worried that Nina's general sense of personal inferiority might lead to more severe problems. Total number of sessions: 4.

Tentative Diagnosis: Avoidant Personality Disorder

Current Medications: None.

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