Telephone Call from Angelica Alvidrez, 06/22/98
Nina's mother called to set up an appointment for her painfully shy daughter.
Therapy Session 1 Dated Thursday, 06/25/98
Nina, a new patient, is a painfully shy young woman who has been thrust into a secretarial position at SII by her mother.
Telephone Call with Nina Alvidrez, 07/13/98
Nina is effusive with apologies over her missed appointment.
Therapy Session 2 Dated Thursday, 07/16/98
Nina explores her social phobias, her self-loathing, and the impact of a brother against whom she couldn't compete.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Thursday, 07/30/98
Nina would like to work in an environment which minimized her interaction with other people.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Thursday, 08/13/98
Nina intentionally mutilated herself about three years ago, and since then, her family has pretended the incident never happened.

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