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5 pm. Seventy-Sixth Session with Alex Rozzi. Alex is feeling displaced and dispossessed. Ralph has taken to going to sex parties where all the participants are HIV-positive and disdain safe sex. It's a dangerous trend called "bare-backing" that I remember reading something about in the Examiner a few weeks ago. One of Ralph's sex partners has moved into Ralph's house, making things somewhat uncomfortable there for Alex. Alex is thinking of accepting an offer that his gallery made to him to go and work in Monterey. But while Alex describes it as a fresh start, I feel that it is an attempt to run away from his problems. One of those problems is the trial, which is set to begin in a few weeks. I feel that I need to begin to prepare Alex for the reality that he's about to face--he might have refused the plea bargain without being fully aware of the consequences of that decision. Alex also told me that I may be called as some form of character witness for Alex. I doubt that I'll actually be called in such a capacity, because it would involve Alex waiving his doctor/patient privilege--I would be subject to cross examination. I assume that wouldn't be in Alex's interest. I note that Alex has a real vituperative streak when it comes to his ex-lovers. He told me of his fantasy which involves rounding them all up and subjecting them to electrical shocks. He also ranted a bit about how all men are pigs.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

4 pm. One Hundred and Second Session with Anna Green. After all this time, Kathy called Anna. She told Anna that she hadn't called in the past because she knew that Anna was cooperating in the police investigation, and she also knew that Anna's phone was tapped. I was unaware of that, but Anna confirmed that it had been tapped, with her consent. Kathy was not kidnapped that night from her Aunt's house. In fact, Kathy left notes for Anna and for her Aunt. Anna surmised that Kathy's Aunt destroyed the notes. She wanted the police to find out where Kathy had gone, and realized that if she was an adult "runaway" who voluntarily left, the police would have done nothing. By destroying the notes, she turned Kathy's voluntary departure into a kidnapping. Kathy has been living as Gray's sex slave, and although Anna can't understand it, Kathy says that she likes living that way. Kathy tried to explain it to Anna--she said that she no longer had to take any responsibility for the details of her life. She said that it felt as if a great burden had been lifted from her shoulders because she is free of worry and responsibility. She describes it as being given a greater freedom than that which she has given up. Anna said that she was upset thinking of Kathy living in that way, and I have to agree. Anna also agreed to keep her conversation with Kathy secret from Trevor and from Martin. She told me that she's been seeing a lot of Martin in preparation for the realization of his ambitions as an S&M fashion designer. That has raised Trevor's jealousy. But Anna retaliates by reminding Trevor of the fact that he's going home to his wife, leaving her alone. Trevor's wife had a painful episode with an ovarian cyst, and Trevor stayed with her and was unwilling to proceed with his plans to separate. Anna realizes that Trevor is unlikely to be so solicitous when it is Anna who requires his attention.

Friday, March 5, 1999

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