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Wednesday, December 16, 1998

5 pm. Seventy-Second Session with Alex Rozzi. Alex seems genuinely hurt that I'm leaving him for my vacation at a time he perceives as particularly critical for him. His legal problems seem to be heating up. He had a preliminary hearing in front of the same judge that he appeared before about two years previously when he started coming to see me. The judge remembered him and decided that there was sufficient evidence to hold him over for trial. Cecil was able to negotiate a plea bargain which would reduce the charges to a misdemeanor. I think Alex believed that the plea bargain meant that charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and now he could try to avoid a conviction on those reduced charges at trial. When I pointed out that, to accept the plea bargain, he would have to plead guilty to the misdemeanor, Alex covered as if he had known that all along, but I don't think he had. Now the choice is go to trial on a felony assault charge and hope for an acquittal or plead guilty to a misdemeanor. Alex has some strong evidence on his side in support of his claim of self defense or, at least, evidence which makes his conduct appear more reasonable. Cecil has found some witnesses to Benny's initiating contact with Alex in violation of the restraining order, and Doctor Elgin can testify as to the results of his physical examination and the evidence he collected from Alex's person which suggest that he was raped. Alex told me that he's emotional labile recently and said that he's been having obsessive thoughts, which include compulsive counting behaviors. Alex said that he sometimes finds himself crying for no apparent reason. Luke is returning to his San Francisco apartment for Christmas, and Alex is afraid that he's going to want to resume physical intimacy immediately, which Alex isn't ready for. Actually, he doesn't know what to expect. We talked about Alex's mother, who sent Katherine a gift basket in apology for her recent outburst and about Alex's cousin Ethan, whom Alex is showing around San Francisco. Alex seems to believe that his trial is going to begin in just a few weeks, while I'm away. I would be surprised if the wheels of justice spun quite so quickly.

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