Patient Name: Anna Green

Year of Birth: 1970

Occupation: Programmer, SII

Original Complaint (physical): Insomnia

Original Complaint (psychological): Crying incessently, inability to concentrate, imaginary conversations (not hallucinatory)

Brief Summary: Ms. Anna Green began therapy right after a nasty breakup from her boyfriend, a fellow programmer working for SII. The trauma of that relationship left her unable to work. But Anna's low self-esteem, coupled with her chameleon-like ability to adapt to the needs of her partner, lead her from one strange sexual relationship to the next, although Anna has a great deal of trouble reconciling her feminist beliefs with her desire to be dominated by men during sex. Anna has tried to seduce me and, although I'm mindful of my professional ethics, I have to admit that I also feel a strong sexual interest towards her. Total number of sessions: 102.

Brief Impression: Anna is attractive, presents herself with a great deal of care. She describes herself as shy, but is quite vivacious. Anna is quite scattered though. She uses her verbal loquaciousness as a screen for insecurity. Anna seems like she might be setting herself up as a victim--she lets things happen to her. She has had very limited sexual experience. She broke up recently with her boyfriend and has been suffering greatly as a consequence.

Tentative Diagnosis: Depression. Possible obsessive compulsive disorder. Needs to work on insecurity and assertion, especially in refusing unwanted sexual advances.

Current Medications: Melatonin (non-prescription--recommended for assisting with sleep initiation). Birth control pills, prescribed elsewhere, of undetermined type.

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