Therapy Session 1 Dated Monday, 7/15/96
Anna, a new patient, is plagued by endless imaginary conversations with her ex-boyfriend.
Therapy Session 2 Dated Thursday, 7/18/96
Anna has been crying a great deal since she broke up with Bill the Bastard.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Monday, 7/22/96
Therapy Session 4 Dated Thursday, 7/25/96
Therapy Session 5 Dated Thursday, 8/1/96
Therapy Session 6 Dated Thursday, 8/8/96
Therapy Session 7 Dated Thursday, 8/15/96
Therapy Session 8 Dated Thursday, 8/22/96
Telephone Conversation Dated Monday, 8/26/96
Therapy Session 9 Dated Thursday, 8/29/96
Therapy Session 10 Dated Thursday, 9/05/96
Therapy Session 11 Dated Thursday, 9/12/96
Therapy Session 12 Dated Thursday, 9/19/96
Anna is discovering her sexuality.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Thursday, 9/26/96
Can you resist Anna's sexual advances?
Therapy Session 14 Dated Thursday, 10/03/96
Anna's sexual advances reach a level that you can't ignore.
Therapy Session 15 Dated Thursday, 10/10/96
Telephone Conv. with Caren Patterson Dated Monday, 10/14/96
A phone call from Anna's friend Caren makes you think that Anna's stories of sexual excess might be fantasies she concocted to keep you interested in her.
Therapy Session 16 Dated Thursday, 10/17/96
You force Anna to separate reality from fantasy in her sexual life.
Therapy Session 17 Dated Thursday, 10/24/96
Anna is angry at you for catching her in a lie and she recounts a bit of the horror of her botched abortion.
Therapy Session 18 Dated Friday, 11/01/96
Anna describes an outrageous Halloween adventure.
Therapy Session 19 Dated Thursday, 11/07/96
Therapy Session 20 Dated Thursday, 11/14/96
Anna thinks that she can never be friends with an ex-lover. She wants them to be perpetually unhappy and lonely, sorry that they ever lost her.
Therapy Session 21 Dated Thursday, 11/21/96
Anna may be beginning a relationship motivated by loneliness and jealousy.
Telephone Conversation Dated Friday, 11/29/96
Therapy Session 22 Dated Thursday, 12/05/96
Anna's sexual fascination with you continues unabated and may be interferring with her other relationships.
Therapy Session 23 Dated Thursday, 12/12/96
Anna tries to bypass your scruples against relationships with patients by stripping naked in your office.
Therapy Session 24 Dated Thursday, 12/19/96
You confront Anna on her use of exhibitionism as a manipulative tool.
Therapy Session 25 Dated Thursday, 12/26/96
Therapy Session 26 Dated Thursday, 01/02/97
Therapy Session 27 Dated Thursday, 01/09/97
Anna renews her acquaintance with an old flame who worships her.
Therapy Session 28 Dated Thursday, 01/16/97
Anna is sexually frustrated after her attempts to seduce an old flame result in his worship but little else.
Therapy Session 29 Dated Thursday, 01/30/97
Anna speculates about why Martin, although he is clearly interested, won't have sex with her; he's coming out for another weekend visit.
Therapy Session 30 Dated Thursday, 02/06/97
By dressing in leather and going along with his masochistic sexual fantasies, Anna has an enjoyable weekend with Martin.
Therapy Session 31 Dated Thursday, 02/13/97
Anna explores the differences between her sexual fantasies and those of Martin, her submissive lover.
Telephone Conversation Dated Saturday, 2/22/97
Telephone Conv. with Martin Fleck Dated Monday, 02/24/97
Anna's boyfriend Martin is very sorry that he took her unprepared to his S&M club.
Telephone Conversation Dated Thursday, 2/27/97
Anna cancels her session as she is busy trying to repress her feelings after Martin's badly bungled attempt to introduce her to an S&M club.
Therapy Session 32 Dated Thursday, 03/06/97
Anna regrets initiating the police raid on Martin's S&M club.
Therapy Session 33 Dated Thursday, 03/13/97
For Martin's pleasure, Anna is considering becoming a dominatrix.
Therapy Session 34 Dated Thursday, 03/20/97
While Anna flirts with S&M and phone sex, Martin sends Anna a strange drawing.
Therapy Session 35 Dated Thursday, 03/27/97
Therapy Session 36 Dated Thursday, 04/03/97
Therapy Session 37 Dated Thursday, 04/10/97
Therapy Session 38 Dated Thursday, 04/17/97
You lose your cool as Anna insists on experiencing the "pleasures of pain" under the tutelage of an S&M whip-master.
Therapy Session 39 Dated Thursday, 04/24/97
Anna goes through with her date--being lashed by an S&M whip-master.
Therapy Session 40 Dated Thursday, 05/01/97
Anna feels inferior, guilty, and contaminated after the loss of her S&M virginity.
Therapy Session 41 Dated Thursday, 05/08/97
Anna's encounter with S&M leaves her with lascivious fantasies of previously unknown sexual desires.
Therapy Session 42 Dated Thursday, 05/15/97
Anna tries to reconcile her feminist beliefs with her desire to be dominated by men during sex.
Therapy Session 43 Dated Thursday, 05/22/97
Anna notices that the S&M devotees with whom she's socializing define themselves primarily by their sexual preferences.
Therapy Session 44 Dated Thursday, 05/29/97
Anna is afraid that Martin is back in town.
Therapy Session 45 Dated Thursday, 06/12/97
Anna feels that her life is falling apart when her ex-boyfriend Martin moves to San Francisco and takes a job with SII just to be near her.
Therapy Session 46 Dated Thursday, 06/19/97
Anna's resolve to shun Martin crumbles when he tells her that what she interpreted as his not caring was really just her confusion about the ethics of S&M.
Therapy Session 47 Dated Thursday, 06/26/97
Anna tries to negotiate a sexual middle ground between herself and Martin and is puzzled by Kathy's jealous reaction to Martin--until she realizes that Kathy is feeling spurned as a potential lover.
Therapy Session 48 Dated Thursday, 07/10/97
Anna's attempt to introduce Martin to her parents goes well, until Kathy decides to let Anna's parents in on a few of Martin's secrets.
Therapy Session 49 Dated Thursday, 07/24/97
Anna is making her relationship with Martin work by ignoring his unusual sexual needs and by sublimating her own sexual desires.
Therapy Session 50 Dated Thursday, 07/31/97
In an attempt to solve their sexual compatibility problems, Anna and Martin come up with a rating system for sexual acts so that each can earn points by satisfying the other's desires.
Therapy Session 51 Dated Thursday, 08/07/97
Anna, who enjoys the attention, is egging on Kathy's sexual interest in her, and may unwittingly end up in a ménage à trois.
Therapy Session 52 Dated Thursday, 08/14/97
Without realizing it, Anna has already slipped into a three-way sexual relationship with Martin and Kathy.
Therapy Session 53 Dated Thursday, 08/21/97
When Kathy moves in with Martin, Anna realizes that she has to make a decision about the three-way relationship.
Therapy Session 54 Dated Thursday, 08/28/97
Although Anna hasn't decided one way or the other, her three-way relationship with Kathy and Martin seems so comfortable as to be almost inevitable.
Therapy Session 55 Dated Thursday, 09/04/97
Anna talks about Kathy's fanatical reaction to Princess Diana's death.
Therapy Session 56 Dated Thursday, 09/11/97
Anna's ambivilance about the three-way relationship has Kathy upset over being kept up in the air.
Therapy Session 57 Dated Thursday, 09/25/97
Anna consummates her three-way relationship with Martin and Kathy with a honeymoon trip to Fort Bragg.
Therapy Session 58 Dated Thursday, 10/09/97
Anna discusses the sexual realities of living in a three-way relationship.
Telephone Call Dated Thursday, 10/16/97
Anna has to cancel her appointment because she is covering for Kathy at the adult book store.
Therapy Session 59 Dated Thursday, 10/23/97
Martin and Anna play S&M games at Kathy's adult book store.
Therapy Session 60 Dated Thursday, 10/30/97
While ostensibly talking about her disgust for self-mutilation practices, Anna reveals a few cracks developing in her three-way relationship with Martin and Kathy.
Therapy Session 61 Dated Thursday, 11/06/97
Anna unconsciously views Kathy as merely a plaything for Martin, and she fails to see how Kathy will be devastated by the eventual break-up of their three-way relationship.
Therapy Session 62 Dated Thursday, 11/13/97
Anna faces a week alone with Kathy--a week during which she will find it difficult to avoid Kathy's sexual advances.
Therapy Session 63 Dated Thursday, 11/20/97
Although she tries to avoid it, Anna performs oral sex on Kathy.
Therapy Session 64 Dated Thursday, 12/04/97
With their threesome crumbling, Anna and Kathy are both vying to be the one who ends up with Martin.
Therapy Session 65 Dated Thursday, 12/18/97
Anna emerges victorious in her war with Kathy--she and Martin are to be married this summer, although they don't want to tell Kathy of their plans until after Anna's parents' holiday visit.
Therapy Session 66 Dated Friday, 12/26/97
Kathy announces that she's pregnant with Martin's child in front of Anna and her parents during Christmas dinner.
Therapy Session 67 Dated Thursday, 01/08/98
Anna's plan to deal with Kathy's pregnancy is to marry Martin and then sue for the custody of Martin's baby.
Therapy Session 68 Dated Thursday, 02/05/98
Anna's flu has driven Kathy from the apartment, and given Anna a chance to work on Martin.
Therapy Session 69 Dated Thursday, 02/12/98
Anna brings Martin to a session and looks for advice on how to deal with the Kathy situation.
Therapy Session 70 Dated Thursday, 02/19/98
Anna can only foresee a stark and unappealing future after Kathy's prenatal exam indicates that her baby might have Down's syndrome.
Therapy Session 71 Dated Thursday, 02/26/98
Kathy's deceptions unravel when her Aunt Helen moves in with Anna and her.
Therapy Session 72 Dated Thursday, 03/12/98
When Kathy disappears, Anna and Aunt Helen worry that she might have killed herself, until Kathy finally shows up and announces that she's aborted Martin's child.
Therapy Session 73 Dated Thursday, 03/19/98
Anna discovers that Kathy's abortion wasn't motivated by a fear of a birth defect--her test for Down's syndrome came back negative.
Therapy Session 74 Dated Thursday, 03/26/98
Anna throws herself into her work to avoid thinking about her impending break up with Martin and Kathy.
Therapy Session 75 Dated Thursday, 04/02/98
Anna prepares to leave her ménage à trois and wonders if Kathy and Martin will survive as a couple after she's gone.
Therapy Session 76 Dated Thursday, 04/16/98
Anna leaves her three-way relationship and finds an ideal place to live, complete with a dungeon.
Therapy Session 77 Dated Thursday, 04/23/98
Anna seems to be more upset with losing Kathy than with losing Martin.
Therapy Session 78 Dated Thursday, 04/30/98
Anna tries to spice up her work environment by hosting a dungeon party for a group of her co-workers.
Therapy Session 79 Dated Thursday, 05/07/98
Anna has taken in the always manipulative Kathy as a houseguest.
Therapy Session 80 Dated Thursday, 05/14/98
Anna's own feelings of insecurity and inadequacy drive her continued relationship with Kathy.
Therapy Session 81 Dated Thursday, 05/21/98
Kathy reveals to Anna that Martin wasn't the father of her aborted baby.
Therapy Session 82 Dated Thursday, 05/28/98
Anna is horrified when Kathy starts an out-call dominatrix service.
Therapy Session 83 Dated Thursday, 06/04/98
Anna joins Kathy on one of her dominatrix for hire sessions.
Therapy Session 84 Dated Thursday, 06/11/98
With Kathy playing the albatross, Anna is unable to free herself from the bonds of S&M.
Therapy Session 85 Dated Thursday, 06/25/98
As their lives inextricably intertwine, Kathy's late night escapades leave Anna exhausted with worry.
Therapy Session 86 Dated Thursday, 07/02/98
Anna and Kathy are shocked when one of Kathy's S&M customers kills himself.
Telephone Call Dated Wednesday, 07/08/98
Anna is shaken after Kathy is brutally assaulted and left unconscious in a hotel room.
Therapy Session 87 Dated Thursday, 07/16/98
Labeled a pimp by Kathy's grandmother, Anna is being swept up in a police investigation of Kathy's S&M assailant.
Therapy Session 88 Dated Thursday, 07/23/98
Anna tries to come to grips with the reality of being a suspect in a criminal investigation.
Therapy Session 89 Dated Thursday, 08/06/98
Anna's father thinks his daughter is a hero after she tells him a heavily censored version of recent events.
Therapy Session 90 Dated Thursday, 08/13/98
Anna reports that Kathy's assailant may have been the father of the young man who committed suicide after an S&M session with Kathy.
Therapy Session 91 Dated Thursday, 08/20/98
Anna has a conversation with Martin where they perform a post mortem on their relationship.
Therapy Session 92 Dated Thursday, 09/10/98
After Kathy suddenly disappears without explanation, Anna is scared that she might be next.
Therapy Session 93 Dated Thursday, 09/24/98
Anna describes the perverse entertainments that occupy the members of SII's Futurist Department.
Therapy Session 94 Dated Thursday, 10/01/98
Anna attends a voyeuristic sex resort and ends up renewing at least her sexual relationship with Martin.
Therapy Session 95 Dated Thursday, 10/08/98
Anna's father is not pleased when he finds out that she's been living with Martin.
Therapy Session 96 Dated Thursday, 10/22/98
Anna feels that she's sizing up every male acquaintance to see what kind of husband they'd make.
Therapy Session 97 Dated Thursday, 11/05/98
At a S&M Halloween party, Anna believes that she spots Kathy posing as a bound, bald, and masked sex slave.
Therapy Session 98 Dated Thursday, 11/12/98
Anna descends into the seamy side of commercial S&M clubs to assist in the official investigation into Kathy's disappearance.
Telephone Call Dated Thursday, 11/19/98
As part of the police investigation, Anna and Trevor are forced to give an S&M exhibition.
Therapy Session 99 Dated Thursday, 12/03/98
The police officer in charge of the S&M investigation seems to be looking for more than just cooperation from Anna.
Telephone Call Dated Wednesday, 12/09/98
Although intended as theater, Anna finds that her practice S&M sessions are more convincing than she had anticipated.
Therapy Session 100 Dated Thursday, 02/11/99
While initially furious, Anna is becoming reconciled to the idea that her lover Trevor is married.
Telephone Conversation Dated Wednesday, 02/17/99
Anna burns both of her hands while cooking a chicken.
Therapy Session 101 Dated Thursday, 02/25/99
Anna has to cope with Trevor's jealousy, even though he's the one going home to have sex with his wife.
Therapy Session 102 Dated Thursday, 03/04/99
Anna gets a call from Kathy, the S&M slave, who wasn't kidnapped after all.

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