Patient Name: Christina Herald

Date of Birth: March 3, 1974

Occupation: Graduate Student, University of California at Berkeley

Original Complaint (physical): Panic Attacks with cardiac involvement

Original Complaint (psychological): Recurrant Panic Attacks, Insomnia

Brief Summary: Ms. Christina Herald is a bright, assertive, appealing graduate student who has an air of one completely in control and yet humorously self-deprecating. But she's addicted to caffeine and it sometimes results in unexpected and severe panic attacks, sometimes with cardiac involvement. She's also drawn to the dark side: sexual relationships with dangerous men. Total number of sessions: 25.

Brief Impression: Lively and assertive, Christina is intelligent and articulate. A good student, I suspect that she is curious and generally happy but for the panic attacks which have robbed her of sleep and probably caused her to call into question her mental condition.

Tentative Diagnosis: Panic Disorder without Agoraphobia, perhaps aggrevated by caffeine

Current Medications: None

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