Therapy Session 1 Dated Thursday, 2/27/97
Christina, a new patient, is crippled by heart pounding panic attacks.
Telephone Call with Christina Herald Dated Thursday, 3/06/97
Therapy Session 2 Dated Thursday, 3/13/97
Christina explores the triggers of her panic attacks.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Thursday, 3/27/97
Therapy Session 4 Dated Thursday, 4/03/97
Therapy Session 5 Dated Thursday, 4/10/97
Therapy Session 6 Dated Thursday, 4/17/97
Finally letting down some of her guard, Christina talks about family and her boyfriend--the dark, brooding, and hot-headed martial arts expert.
Therapy Session 7 Dated Thursday, 4/24/97
Therapy Session 8 Dated Thursday, 5/01/97
Christina is shaken by the news that her possessive boyfriend may be wanted for the murder of an ex-girlfriend and also recently impregnated a sleazy underage rock singer.
Therapy Session 9 Dated Thursday, 5/08/97
After a night of unexpected passion with her ex-boyfriend Malcolm, Christina learns that the story of the murder of his fiancée might be partly fabricated but partly true.
Therapy Session 10 Dated Thursday, 5/22/97
Christina's graduation, the revelation of a family secret, and the unmasking of the mysterious Malcolm make for an eventful week.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Thursday, 5/29/97
After Malcolm rushes to her rescue, Christina finds herself falling in love with the man behind the mask.
Therapy Session 12 Dated Thursday, 6/12/97
Christina's brother comes out of the closet and precipitates a family crisis, although not the one that she had anticipated.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Thursday, 6/19/97
Christina is innocently flirting with another man, unmindful of Malcolm's dangerous tendencies.
Therapy Session 14 Dated Thursday, 6/26/97
Christina seems only happy when she is in crisis--and she gets tattooed.
Therapy Session 15 Dated Thursday, 7/10/97
Christina is torn between Malcolm and the strong desire that she feels for an old boyfriend she lost because of what she now discovers were the jealous manipulations of a high school friend.
Therapy Session 16 Dated Thursday, 9/04/97
Christina, determined to bury her childhood, returns from England posing as an adult and engaged to marry Malcolm for all the wrong reasons.
Therapy Session 17 Dated Thursday, 9/11/97
Christina breaks off her engagement with Malcolm, and he seems to take it extremely well...perhaps too well.
Therapy Session 18 Dated Thursday, 9/18/97
We take stock of Christina's improvement in therapy--she's gained a lot more self assurance while reducing her panic attacks.
Therapy Session 19 Dated Thursday, 10/02/97
Christina reveals an insecurity about being perceived as a child rather than as an intelligent adult.
Therapy Session 20 Dated Thursday, 10/09/97
Christina has a mini panic attack on the spot while describing the problems facing one of her underage students who's Catholic and pregnant.
Therapy Session 21 Dated Thursday, 10/23/97
Christina is happy with her life except that, without a boyfriend, she describes her hormones as going on a rampage.
Therapy Session 22 Dated Thursday, 10/30/97
Christina is upbeat about school, her date with Decker, and her receipt of a large trunk filled with family secrets.
Therapy Session 23 Dated Thursday, 11/13/97
Christina gives advice on cat ownership and seems to want to start a relationship with Decker, another patient.
Therapy Session 24 Dated Thursday, 11/20/97
Christina drops off the kitten and sloughs off questions about her evident exhaustion.
Therapy Session 25 Dated Thursday, 12/04/97
Christina is taking on a lot of other people's problems, raising the specter of the renewal of her panic disorder.

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