Transcript of Telephone Conversation between Charles Balis, M.D. and Mr. Decker Jenkins, Monday, April 28th, 1997 at 6:06 pm.

Dr. Balis: Hello, this is Dr. Balis.
Mr. Decker: Hello Doctor. This is Decker Jenkins. I'm glad I got a hold of you before you went home.
Dr. Balis: Well hello, Decker. How are you?
Mr. Decker: Sorry Doctor, I didn't catch everything; it's pretty loud in here.
Dr. Balis: I'll speak a little louder then. Where are you?
Mr. Decker: I'm at work, Doctor. I'm on break right now and I thought I'd give you a call.
Dr. Balis: Is everything all right?
Mr. Decker: Yes, I'm fine. It's just that I'm a little concerned about the medication you gave me.
Dr. Balis: So you did get the medication then?
Mr. Decker: Yes I did. I went and bought the prescriptions on my way home from our last session. Oh, by the way, I apologize for canceling the other day. It's just work really needed me to unload the liquor shipment that morning.
Dr. Balis: Try to make it next time, okay Decker? I think our therapy sessions are very important.
Mr. Decker: I'll be there Thursday, I promise. I've already told work that it is imperative that I not miss my sessions.
Dr. Balis: So then the people at work know that you are coming to see me?
Mr. Decker: Of course, Doctor. How did you think I heard about you? Mr. Knopff, my boss, told me about you.
Dr. Balis: I thought you said Simian led you to me?
Mr. Decker: Well after Mr. Knopff told me about you, Simian had...I guess you'd call it a premonition, that you were the man to see. So Simian was the one who pushed me to go. Mr. Knopff just initiated the meeting.
Dr. Balis: I see. Well that's something we can discuss in your session. Let's get to the reason you called. You said that you were concerned about the medication? Have you started taking it?
Mr. Decker: Well, like I said, I got the prescriptions on my way home the day you gave them to me. However, I didn't start taking them until just a couple of days ago. You know how I am, Doctor, I had to think it through with Simian before I took them. He...well, of course, he didn't want me to take them. He told me that I would always be high, I wouldn't be able to concentrate--you know, that sort of thing. He did scare me a little; that's why it took me so long to take them. But I finally decided that I really need help, and if this is supposed to help, then I'd give it a shot. Mr. Knopff also told me that if it didn't work, then I would know, so why not? Mr. Knopff also said that the side effects can't be that bad or else you wouldn't have given them to me. Well, I trust you, Doctor, and Mr. Knopff seemed to make sense, so I started taking them. I've followed the directions as to when to take them, and how many. I follow it exactly, and I have been for a couple of days. The only problem is, nothing has changed. I feel the same. I worry about the same stupid stuff and I dwell in thought. Simian is still there as much as he ever was. As a matter of fact, he's screaming at me right now, telling me to get off the phone because I have to get back to work. I'm just afraid the stuff isn't working.
Dr. Balis: Just give it a little more time. This medicine will take a couple of weeks to do be fully effective. I think that you'll see results very soon. I didn't really have a chance to explain to you that the medicine would take some time to work, and I should have. But I'm very glad that you've started. Give it a little more time, Decker. And I don't think that you'll have to worry about feeling high--you'll just feel better and Simian will leave you alone more often, okay? So will you keep taking the medicine for me, Decker?
Mr. Decker: Of course, Doctor. I'm sorry for calling you like this, but it's been bothering me today and I knew if I didn't call you, I would think about it until our session.
Dr. Balis: Well, I'm glad you called. I was a little concerned when you didn't show up the other day.
Mr. Decker: I'm okay, Doctor. I'm not going to kill myself or anything just yet--I'll be there Thursday. I promise.
Dr. Balis: All right Decker, I'll see you Thursday then. Goodbye, Decker.
Mr. Decker: Goodbye, Doctor Balis.
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