Therapy Session 1 Dated Thursday, 4/10/97
Therapy Session 2 Dated Friday, 4/18/97
Decker reveals that his special friend is really an auditory hallucination who ceaselessly comments on his life and actions.
Telephone Call Dated Monday, 4/28/97
Therapy Session 3 Dated Thursday, 5/01/97
Decker talks about his flirtation with suicide, his hatred of women, his virginity, and a girl that he just met.
Telephone Call Dated Thursday, 5/15/97
Decker calls from jail--his mother is dead and he believes that he might have murdered her.
Telephone Call with Sgt. Andrews Dated Thursday, 5/15/97
Telephone Call Dated Monday, 6/09/97
Decker, free from jail and much improved due to the antipsychotic medication, has been cleared of murdering his mother and is eager to return to therapy.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Thursday, 6/12/97
Decker claims to have amnesia about the night his mother was raped and murdered, although he remembers getting into a violent argument with her.
Therapy Session 5 Dated Thursday, 6/26/97
Decker makes a cryptic comment which may relate to his mother's murder and storms out mid-session.
Telephone Call Dated Thursday, 10/02/97
Decker calls, says that he has been through hell and back, and pleads to be allowed to return to therapy.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Tuesday, 10/07/97
Decker exhibits a surprising personality change and tells of a valuable gift from a father he's never known.
Therapy Session 7 Dated Tuesday, 10/14/97
Decker's rage over a triviality shows that he views the world through a distorted prism caused by schizophrenia and paranoia.
Therapy Session 8 Dated Thursday, 10/30/97
Decker tells of the recent loss of his virginity while he feigned sleep and how his seducer may now be charging him with rape.
Therapy Session 9 Dated Thursday, 11/06/97
Decker, a psychotic, experiments with smoking marijuana.
Therapy Session 10 Dated Thursday, 11/13/97
Decker comes in sick-drunk on tequila, raising the concern of an adverse interaction with his medication.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Thursday, 12/04/97
Decker recounts a horrific childhood story of a man being violently murdered during sexual intercourse with Decker's mother.
Telephone Call Dated Wednesday, 12/10/97
Decker's father, whom Decker had just recently met, is killed in an automobile accident.

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