Patient Name: Katherine Lippard

Year of Birth: February 2, 1965

Occupation: CPA, Now CFO of SII. Previously was the Assistant to the CFO

Original Complaint (physical): None

Original Complaint (psychological): Unhappiness, control issues, distress reaction out of proportion to the incident; worried this points to some deeper pathology.

Brief Summary: Ms. Katherine Lippard might be a control freak. She's a top ranking executive at SII who needs her highly ordered life to be just so. But she is also a woman who wants to learn how to assign self worth other than by the amount of money she can make in a year or by how far she can ascend the corporate ladder. Although very business oriented, Katherine is inexperienced when it comes to social and sexual relationships. I've been working with Katherine to help her to expand her horizons and to come to grips with a personal loss that has been haunting her since she was just a little girl. Total number of sessions: 48.

Brief Impression: Katherine is a controlled, professional, business woman who is apparently concerned over the disproportionate reaction she experienced to a mild disruption in her normal routine.

Tentative Diagnosis: Possible mild form of obsessive compulsive personality disorder

Current Medications: None

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