Therapy Session 1 Dated Monday, 4/21/97
Therapy Session 2 Dated Monday, 4/28/97
Therapy Session 3 Dated Wednesday, 5/07/97
Katherine drops her corporate facade and reveals a very unhappy woman eager for therapy to bring some improvement.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Wednesday, 5/14/97
Katherine gains insight into her problems and behaviors, but perhaps is a little too eager to improve her life through therapy.
Therapy Session 5 Dated Wednesday, 5/21/97
Katherine is worried that she is being set up to be the fall guy when Lloyd's unrealistic attempt to take over Apple fails.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Wednesday, 5/28/97
Katherine doesn't think she's being set up to be the fall guy, but she is unhappy with the emptiness of her life despite all her material success.
Therapy Session 7 Dated Wednesday, 6/11/97
Katherine is being groomed for the CFO position, but her success at work leaves her unfulfilled.
Therapy Session 8 Dated Wednesday, 6/18/97
Katherine is excited about a date that she's set up with a poet.
Therapy Session 9 Dated Wednesday, 6/25/97
Katherine almost reverts to a different person as she tells about how her father deserted her family to pursue an adventurous life.
Therapy Session 10 Dated Wednesday, 7/02/97
You may have traced Katherine's need for control to a heart-wrenching story of a ten year old girl being abandoned by the father she dearly loves.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Wednesday, 7/09/97
Forcing Katherine to talk about being abandoned by her father touches a raw nerve, so you talk about her relationship with Jake, the thrill-seeking poet.
Therapy Session 12 Dated Wednesday, 7/23/97
Even though it means sacrificing some control, Katherine is falling in love with Jake, who happens to be the first guy she met who didn't wear a suit.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Wednesday, 7/30/97
Katherine told Jake that she loved him, and received a non-committal response in return.
Therapy Session 14 Dated Wednesday, 8/06/97
Katherine, who has a history of being abandoned by the men she loves, is busy creating rationalizations to explain why Jake won't say that he loves her.
Therapy Session 15 Dated Thursday, 8/14/97
Katherine begins to confront her feelings about authority figures and blames herself for driving the men in her life away.
Therapy Session 16 Dated Wednesday, 8/27/97
Katherine feels she's getting her work and love life together, although Jake is trying to turn her into his submissive sex toy.
Therapy Session 17 Dated Wednesday, 9/10/97
Katherine analogizes herself to a company with a good public image, but with no real growth potential.
Therapy Session 18 Dated Wednesday, 9/17/97
Katherine feels jealous of Frank's newfound happiness and wonders if she'll ever feel that with Jake--there's something not quite right in that relationship.
Therapy Session 19 Dated Wednesday, 9/24/97
Katherine explores the nature of romantic love in the context of her relationship with Jake.
Therapy Session 20 Dated Wednesday, 10/01/97
Katherine prepares a surreptitious interview of her mother designed to answer questions that still plague Katherine about her father's abandonment of the family.
Therapy Session 21 Dated Wednesday, 10/08/97
Katherine is optimistic that when her mother answers her questions, she will be able to put to rest her pain over her father's abandonment.
Therapy Session 22 Dated Wednesday, 10/22/97
Katherine returns from her vacation, bubbling with news of her family, but apparently without having gained the perspective she sought on her own childhood.
Therapy Session 23 Dated Wednesday, 10/29/97
Because of how it upset Katherine, her mother told her father not to call anymore--triggering Katherine's lifelong fear of abandonment.
Therapy Session 24 Dated Wednesday, 11/05/97
Katherine is working hard in therapy to realize, express, and conquer the anger she feels towards her mother.
Therapy Session 25 Dated Wednesday, 11/12/97
Katherine, a master of self-delusion, intellectualizes her feelings and hires a detective to help bring closure to her feelings of being abandoned by her father.
Therapy Session 26 Dated Wednesday, 11/19/97
Katherine finally feels free enough to let loose some of her strong feelings of anger towards her mother.
Therapy Session 27 Dated Wednesday, 11/26/97
Katherine is unwilling to tarnish her memory of her father by properly allocating to him any of her feelings of abandonment after he left the family.
Therapy Session 28 Dated Wednesday, 12/03/97
Katherine claims that she's reached a catharsis over her father's abandonment, but she may just be tired of therapy's hard work.
Therapy Session 29 Dated Wednesday, 12/10/97
Katherine is ready to battle the scurrilous rumors begun by Alex's mother.
Therapy Session 30 Dated Wednesday, 12/17/97
At work, Katherine crushes Larraine Rozzi and her unfounded allegations of Katherine having an affair with Alex.
Therapy Session 31 Dated Wednesday, 01/07/98
Although she says the sex is still great, Katherine expresses a growing unhappiness at the unexciting relationship that she's settled into with Jake.
Therapy Session 32 Dated Wednesday, 01/28/98
Katherine is proud of her father for pursuing his dream, even if it meant that she had to endure a considerable amount of personal suffering.
Therapy Session 33 Dated Wednesday, 02/04/98
Katherine's thirty-third birthday leaves her depressed and thinking of chucking her career for something more "socially relevant."
Therapy Session 34 Dated Wednesday, 02/11/98
Katherine has set a deadline to discuss with Jake her feeling that there's an absence of intimacy in their relationship.
Therapy Session 35 Dated Wednesday, 02/25/98
While in Texas on business, Katherine was in a car accident which caused both physical and psychological trauma.
Therapy Session 36 Dated Wednesday, 03/04/98
Katherine botches her planned discussion with Jake when he puts her into an embarrassing situation with Alex.
Therapy Session 37 Dated Wednesday, 03/11/98
Is Katherine spurred to achievement merely to get the approval of a daddy whom she subconsciously feels abandoned her because she was somehow not worthy?
Therapy Session 38 Dated Wednesday, 03/18/98
Katherine is reanalyzing her relationship with Jake and is considering whether she's getting an adequate return on her investment in him.
Therapy Session 39 Dated Wednesday, 03/25/98
Katherine plans to dump Jake, and does she have another waiting in the wings?
Therapy Session 40 Dated Wednesday, 04/01/98
Katherine takes a dramatic step in her relationship with Jake.
Therapy Session 41 Dated Wednesday, 04/08/98
Katherine is strongly moved by a series of dream conversations with her idealized father.
Therapy Session 42 Dated Wednesday, 04/15/98
Katherine is concerned that Jake is expressing his feelings of loss over the end of their relationship by ignoring basic safety precautions as he climbs mountains and goes hang gliding.
Therapy Session 43 Dated Wednesday, 04/22/98
Katherine thinks that she's nearing the end of her therapy.
Therapy Session 44 Dated Wednesday, 04/29/98
Katherine reviews her progress in therapy.
Therapy Session 45 Dated Wednesday, 05/13/98
Katherine has made a fortune in SII stock and now wants to become a philanthropist.
Therapy Session 46 Dated Wednesday, 05/27/98
Katherine, at the end of her therapy, plans a vacation trip to Alaska to hunt down her long lost father.
Therapy Session 47 Dated Thursday, 09/10/98
Katherine returns from Alaska with heroic stories of a father she barely knew.
Therapy Session 48 Dated Monday, 11/23/98
Katherine is trying to find a polite way to get Alex out of her house.
Invitation Received from Katherine Lippard, Friday, 12/11/98
Katherine sends tickets to a fancy benefit dinner.

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