Patient Name: Elizabeth Josephine Ravenski aka Eliza Joelle Raven

Year of Birth: 1976

Occupation: Direct Marketing, SII

Original Complaint (physical): Recovering from a major traffic accident

Original Complaint (psychological): Crying fits, guilt complex, feelings of powerlessness, nightmares, also a phobia relating to contacting strangers by telephone.

Brief Summary: Ms. Eliza Raven is being treated for severe depression and recently attempted suicide. Eliza is also dating Peter, another patient of mine, whose psychic girlfriend claims to be pregnant with his child. But Eliza is a practicing Wiccan priestess, and she is trying to use her witchcraft to help Peter. Total number of sessions: 18.

Brief Impression: Eliza has been traumatized by the separation of her parents when she was nine, coupled with her mother's sudden disappearance for two years. Eliza has now retreated into a shell. Those she does trust, she endows with almost mystical qualities. She endured a terrible traffic accident which killed her fiancé's father and caused her to have a miscarriage in 1995. Her fiancé has nonsensically blamed her for the tragedy, and she has internalized his feelings to such a degree that she feels a strong sense of guilt.

Tentative Diagnosis: Depression. Potentially suicidal. Currently hospitalized.

Current Medications: Zoloft 100 mg. once each day prescribed 4/08/97. Percocet as pain killers prescribed by another physician. Triphasil 28 as an oral contraceptive.

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