Therapy Session 1 Dated Tuesday, 2/11/97
Eliza, a new patient, has been traumatized by the sudden disappearance of her mother 10 years earlier.
Telephone Call from Luke Howard, 2/12/97
You have an unpleasant conversation with Eliza's fiancé, Luke.
Letter from Eliza Raven Dated 2/13/97
Eliza sends you an apologetic letter for her fiancé's behavior.
Therapy Session 2 Dated Tuesday, 2/18/97
Eliza tells about the car accident that killed her future father-in-law and caused her to suffer a miscarriage.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Tuesday, 2/25/97
Eliza is joined by her abusive boyfriend Luke for a session. He wants her to stop practicing witchcraft in his mother's home.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Tuesday, 3/04/97
Eliza's visit to Luke's church doesn't go well, after Luke advises the congregation that Eliza is a witch.
Therapy Session 5 Dated Tuesday, 3/18/97
Eliza has repressed years of rage after she was forced to take over her mother's position within the family--a role which she had secretly coveted.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Tuesday, 4/08/97
Therapy Session 7 Dated Tuesday, 4/15/97
Eliza is upset when her boyfriend breaks up with her because of her fantasy infidelity in the "astral plane."
Therapy Session 8 Dated Tuesday, 4/22/97
Therapy Session 9 Dated Tuesday, 4/29/97
Telephone Call from Luke Howard, 5/05/97
Therapy Session 10 Dated Tuesday, 5/06/97
Eliza, who just broke up with Luke, is afraid for her life as she hides out at her mother's house.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Tuesday, 5/13/97
Luke gives Eliza a hideous Mother's Day reminder of the miscarriage she suffered and Eliza recalls the abuse she suffered at his hands.
Therapy Session 12 Dated Tuesday, 5/20/97
Eliza is suffering from mysterious pains and she is reluctant to get a restraining order against her abusive ex-boyfriend.
Hospital Conversation Dated Monday, 5/26/97
Therapy Session 13 Dated Tuesday, 5/27/97
Eliza discusses a lot of the emotional pressures she's feeling in the aftermath of her ex-fiancé's brutal physical assault on her and her friends.
Therapy Session 14 Dated Tuesday, 6/17/97
Eliza attempts to commit suicide, compelling you to hospitalize her.
Therapy Session 15 Dated Wednesday, 7/02/97
Eliza has her first session after being released from the mental hospital--she's trying very hard to convince you that she's just fine.
Therapy Session 16 Dated Tuesday, 7/08/97
Eliza discovers that Serena has been giving Peter hallucinogenic tea made from poisonous plants.
Therapy Session 17 Dated Tuesday, 7/22/97
Eliza describes a mass of symptoms which together portray an unhappy and deeply troubled young woman.
Therapy Session 18 Dated Tuesday, 8/12/97
Eliza walks in unannounced and is clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown--her mother threw her out, her boyfriend turned cold, and her cat hates her.

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