February 13, 1997

Dearest Dr. Balis,

Luke informed me of his phone call to you and I felt the need to apologize. He can be so rude at times. The cry did me some good; it's always good to release pent-up tension. He's always fighting my battles for me, even though he wants me to break out of all of my old habits. Sometimes I call him a lying bastard! He can be quite conniving. After he told me that he called you and then what he had said to you, I let him have it. I told him how wrong he was to assume that you forced me to do anything, and that just because I was upset and unable to articulate clearly, he shouldn't just jump to conclusions. I'm so furious with him!!!! I think tonight I'll sleep on the couch and deny him sex for about a week, though that never seems to faze him. I've got a higher sex drive than him, and instead of depriving him, I deprive myself! C'est la vie!

At any rate, I promised to deliver his STUPID list to you. I have also decided that after our sessions, I will go to the park and rest. There's something so healing about being under the trees. Maybe we can have one of our sessions under the canopy of trees sometime. I've told many trees things that I cannot even think of by myself.

Well I better go. I am getting sleepy and it is time for my medication. Oh, and the name at the top is the name I had before I graduated and changed it.

With Love,

Eliza (the so very confused)

I once had to go to a Doctor!
I told my best friend and it shocked her.
But I'll go anyway
I will get well one day
I guess I should have clocked her!

Under Canopy
Listening to happy trees
Pondering myself
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