Written Childhood Memories delivered during Olivia Stillwell's Session on Monday, April 6, 1998 at 4:00 pm.

Age 3: Visited someone who lived on a farm. It was my birthday. They lived at the top of a big hill and were digging out the side of the hill so they could build their house into the side of the hill. The woman was afraid of tornadoes. I wasn't allowed near the edge of the hole but I was curious so I went over. I didn't think I would fall in, but I did and slide all the way to the bottom. I thought it was fun until my father came down and punished me.
Age 4: Visited the people on the farm again. I remember that my hair was very very long. The man, not my father, lifted me up and helped me hold onto some vines hanging down from the trees. He'd push me out on the vines and I'd swing over a ravine. He'd catch me every time I'd swing back. I always wanted him to push me further out so I could go higher. It was like flying.
Age 5: While waiting for the bus for kindergarten, the older kids were making fun of me. I was wearing my favorite green pants and my coat with the hood up. One older girl came over and while taunting me, pulled on my hood strings and untied the hood. Then she pointed at my pants and asked me if I was waiting for a flood. I never wore those pants again after that day.
Age 5: Again at the bus stop for kindergarten, the same older kids were picking on me again. It was spring time. I remember it being sunny and warm out. A dog had pooped on the sidewalk--based on the evidence on hand, rope or twine had been part of the dog's dinner. The kids were teasing me because I was late to the bus stop. I told them that my mom made me eat my breakfast. They pushed me to the dog poop and told me that was my breakfast and said they were going to make me eat it. I told them to leave me alone and they started jeering at me. I told them that Travis would beat them up (Travis was my friend. He was a year older than me and was like an older brother to me) but they only laughed at me.
Age 5: The next door neighbor's boy and I were playing in the yard in our swim suits. We went into his garage and played "You show me yours..." His mother caught us under a beach towel. I remember him trying to put his penis into me and thinking that it was weird that he had an "outie" and I had an "innie," that they were in the same spot on our bodies and that they fit together.
Age 3: I remember being in a car--a VW Bug--with a woman and her daughter. I think they were neighbors. I was in the rear seat on the driver's side and braced my feet and arms against the seat in front of me when a station wagon hit us. I remember thinking that I was the only one to not get hurt.
Age 6-7: I was standing too close and was hit in the eye with an aluminum bat when the batter swung. It was my first and only black eye. The batter was a next door neighbor. Even though it hurt, I thought it was neat to have a black eye.
Age 6-7: In a neighbor's house, played doctor with a female friend. I think it was her idea to play. I remember wondering if she and I were the same anatomically.
Age 6-7: Played doctor with a violin lesson companion. Don't remember if it was her idea or mine.
Age 8-9: Spent the night with my violin lesson companion. I remember thinking how rich they were and how nice and tidy their house was. When we were brushing our teeth for bed, some of the toothpaste dripped out of my mouth onto the rim of the sink bowl. She scolded me for not cleaning it up and leaving it for her mother to clean.
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