Transcript of 1st Session between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Cassandra Evans, Tuesday, July 23, 1996 at 1 pm.

Dr. Balis: Good morning Ms. Evans. Please have a seat.
Ms. Evans: I'm so sorry I'm late. Everything seemed pitted against my getting here on time. Oh, God, twenty-five minutes late. I am sorry.
Dr. Balis: I do understand. I'm sure you will try to be on time in the future.
Ms. Evans: Yes, Doctor, I will. Thank you. Please, call me Cassie. Everyone does.
Dr. Balis: Very well, Cassie, if it makes you more comfortable. I see from your form that you have never been to a therapist before. If you have any questions feel free to ask them at anytime, okay? Now, what brings you into the office today?
Ms. Evans: Well, I am not sure really. I had heard that SII signed up a new doctor, and I guess there have been some things on my mind lately. Maybe I shouldn't even be here.
Dr. Balis: Okay. Why don't we start by discussing what has been on your mind?
Ms. Evans: Well, I am very frustrated lately. You see, I work as an executive assistant at SII, but it's really just a means to make money while I pursue my real goal--to be an actress. I have been taking classes since I was, like, 8 or 9 years old. Hollywood has always fascinated me. Can you imagine living in those times? The golden age of the cinema. Fred and Ginger waltzing across the big screen, Vivien Leigh and 'Gone With The Wind', Casablanca.
Dr. Balis: What is it about acting and those films that intrigue you?
Ms. Evans: Well, I guess the style, the romance, the way anything could and did happen. And dreams came true in this grand way. They were larger than life.
Dr. Balis: So tell me, what are you doing to pursue your dream of being an actress?
Ms. Evans: I guess I haven't been doing everything I should. I mean, I don't have an agent. I started going to these acting classes--actually, it's this acting improvisational troupe. I really like going there, but it's so hard on me.
Dr. Balis: Why?
Ms. Evans: Well to start off, my boyfriend is not very happy with me and the acting thing. He thinks it's ridiculous because it is so hard to make a living at it. And in the meantime, I could be building a "real" career. He wants to get more serious with me, but wants to make sure that I can be a productive bread winner. And I think he is jealous.
Dr. Balis: Jealous? How so?
Ms. Evans: Well, for one thing, I think it's because I am very busy, so we have less time together. Plus there are men in the group, and sometimes we have to do love scenes. I've told him its just acting, pretending, and its part of my "job." But he gets furious. He won't even discuss it anymore.
Dr. Balis: How is your relationship with him besides the acting?
Ms. Evans: Well...good, I guess. We met in college, and have been dating ever since then. I do really like him, maybe even love him, but...he can be kind of demanding at times.
Dr. Balis: How do you mean, demanding?
Ms. Evans: Well, we always do what he wants to do. Except romantically.
Dr. Balis: What happens romantically?
Ms. Evans: I don't know if I can discuss this. I mean, I am a little embarrassed and uncomfortable.
Dr. Balis: I understand. This is only our first session and it's normal to take some time to develop a level of trust between us. Hopefully we'll be able to explore troubling areas more deeply as time progresses. In the meantime, I think it would help you to keep a journal. A place that you can fully express yourself, whenever you feel like it. How does that sound?
Ms. Evans: I already keep a journal. It's something I learned to do in acting classes, explore the unconscious and stuff.
Dr. Balis: Good. I think this will help you with other aspects of life as well.
Ms. Evans: Do I have to bring it with me every week?
Dr. Balis: That is up to you. The journal is a tool to assist you in monitoring your feelings. What bothers you, what makes you happy, and so forth. Then, at a later time, you can go back and reflect on what transpired, or remind yourself how you handled a situation and how you can best handle it if the problem resurfaces. If you would like to bring it in to discuss or as a basis for discussion, then by all means, do so. I also like to read them because they give me some insight into who you are. But if you feel uncomfortable about my reading your journal, that's perfectly okay too. Even if the journal is just for you to read, I'm sure you'll find it valuable.
Ms. Evans: Okay.
Dr. Balis: Good. I'm afraid our session is a bit abbreviated this time. So I'll see you in a week. Let's see, that's July 30th at 1 o'clock. Okay?
Ms. Evans: Okay. Thank you Doctor.
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