Therapy Session 1 Dated Tuesday, 7/23/96
Therapy Session 2 Dated Tuesday, 7/30/96
Letter from Cassandra Evans, 7/31/96
Therapy Session 3 Dated Tuesday, 8/06/96
Telephone Conversation Dated Tuesday, 8/13/96
Therapy Session 4 Dated Tuesday, 8/20/96
Therapy Session 5 Dated Tuesday, 8/27/96
Telephone Conversation Dated Friday, 8/30/96
Therapy Session 6 Dated Tuesday, 9/03/96
Telephone Conversation with Dr. Halsey Dated Monday, 9/09/96
Therapy Session 7 Dated Tuesday, 9/10/96
Telephone Conversation Dated Friday, 9/13/96
Telephone Conversation Dated Tuesday, 9/17/96
Cassie, diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, can't cope with her illness.
Therapy Session 8 Dated Thursday, 9/26/96
Cassie, diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is reacting to her pain with violence.
Therapy Session 9 Dated Thursday, 10/03/96
Cassie won't talk to Brian after his selfish response to the disclosure of her illness.
Telephone Conv. with M. Markson Dated Thursday, 10/10/96
Cassie is sick in a hotel room and can't come to her session.
Telephone Conversation Dated Tuesday, 10/22/96
Cassie, very ill, calls confused and disoriented and in need of medical attention.
Telephone Conversation Dated Thursday, 11/14/96
Cassie finally calls in, her illness crippling her ability to function in daily life.
Telephone Conversation Dated Friday, 04/18/97
Cassie, an ex-patient with chronic fatigue syndrome, suddenly calls out of the blue.
Therapy Session 10 Dated Friday, 05/02/97
After being absent for almost six months, Cassie returns to therapy and tries to cope with her hostility over being stricken with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Monday, 07/07/97
Cassie needs a sounding board to talk about her chronic fatigue syndrome, the medical profession in general, her dreams, and her boyfriend David.
Therapy Session 12 Dated Tuesday, 07/15/97
Cassie feels like a helpless sick pet when other people assist her in coping with the normal details of ordinary life.

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