Patient Name: Helen Gregory

Year of Birth: 1936?

Occupation: Janitor, SII

Original Complaint (physical): None

Original Complaint (psychological): Temporal disorientation. Having difficulties sorting out "all the details and layers" of her delusions.

Brief Summary: Ms. Helen Gregory decided to confide in me about her battle against the great conspiracy which grips the world. The conspiracy is far-flung and the participants are constantly dogging her. Helen has a tremendous intellect but she's drowning in a sea of delusions. I believe that she is a paranoid, persecutory schizophrenic with auditory hallucinations. Total number of sessions: 6.

Brief Impression: Helen is approximately 60 years old. She is obviously highly educated and very intelligent, speaking articulately with a vocabulary that is better than mine. However, she is extremely disorganized in her speech, jumping from topic to topic with dizzying speed. This tendency becomes much more pronounced when she is agitated. She reports hearing voices that tell her things. She has a son Matthew, 21, whom she loves deeply and a husband, Calvin, whom she despises but with whom she apparently still lives. She is deeply paranoid and highly delusional, afraid of being followed and monitored. She believes that she is on an intelligence gathering mission against SII. She also says that she was an agent for the CIA.

Tentative Diagnosis: Highly paranoid persecutory schizophrenic with auditory hallucinations. Strongly delusional. I don't believe that she is a threat to others or herself and so I can't recommend involuntary commitment.

Current Medications: She will not take medications, although I've recommended 20 mg. Haloperidol daily.

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