Therapy Session 1 Dated Thursday, 8/1/96
Therapy Session 2 Dated Thursday, 8/8/96
Therapy Session 3 Dated Thursday, 8/15/96
Therapy Session 4 Dated Thursday, 8/22/96
Therapy Session 5 Dated Thursday, 8/29/96
Therapy Session 6 Dated Thursday, 9/05/96
Telephone Call with Helen Gregory Dated Wednesday, 9/11/96
Has Helen's son committed murder or is it all a paranoid delusion?
Conversation with Ms. Ruby Dribner Dated Thursday, 9/12/96
Postcard from Helen Gregory, delivered Friday, 9/27/96
Helen, who has disappeared, sends you a mysterious postcard supporting her visions.
Newspaper Article from Helen Gregory, Delivered 11/25/96
Helen, who has disappeared, sends you a cryptic old newspaper clipping about an autistic boy and a train bridge derailment.
Christmas Card from Helen Gregory, Received 12/26/96
Helen slips a bizarre Christmas card under the door.

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