Letter from Dr. Bill Bennett, 7/19/96

July 19, 1996

Charles Balis, M.D.
San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Charles:

By now, you've probably treated some of your patients and so have a good idea of what the future holds for you. I really envy you. Sure you've left the safety of hospital practice, but it almost feels like you are in the frontier--you know, fearless medical man in the west with only a couch to protect him.

I'll be happy to be your "professional circle." But you'll soon get into the swing of practice in San Francisco and probably spend all your spare time in strange Freudian cafes. Isn't coffee all San Franciscans drink? They've traded alcoholism for caffeine narcosis.

Anyway, anxious to hear about the first week.

Very truly yours,

Bill Bennett

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