Letter to Dr. Bill Bennett, 7/14/96

July 14, 1996

Dr. Bill Bennett
Columbia Medical Center

Dear Bill:

Well, that day is finally here. Private Practice is upon me. I've put the final touches on the office and the first patient is due to arrive tomorrow. I even bought a couch!

I'd never have been brave enough to launch out on my own without this deal from CalaCare HMO. I require a lot more stability and certainty than that. But with about 60% of my practice guaranteed from Silicon Impressions, I can cover my overhead. In all that time in the clinic, dealing with the homeless who won't take their Ridalin, I never thought that I'd become the company shrink.

It does feel like trapese work without a net. As a resident, there was always you or Bob to talk things over with and, if we wanted to take our lives in our hands, we could talk with Burger. But now, I really feel on my own in a strange city (and San Francisco IS a strange city). I hope you won't mind my pestering you via e-mail, but you're it--my professional circle.

I'm hoping to hear soon from Stanford about my research project. Cross your fingers for me.

I'm going to get some sleep now. Tomorrow's it.

Very truly yours,

Charles Balis, M.D.

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