Patient Name: Joseph Mazurka

Year of Birth: 1963

Year of Death: 1996

Occupation: Salesman, SII

Original Complaint (physical): Shoulder and arm pain, gastrointestinal distress, back pain, and intermittent impotence.

Original Complaint (psychological): Claims no emotional difficulties. His GP believes that his physical complaints are psychosomatic.

Brief Summary: Mr. Joseph Mazurka, a salesman at SII, is a misogynistic racist and a sociopath. He's abusing methamphetamines and spinning fantasies of starting a paramilitary group. Joseph has been arrested for physically abusing his wife and is probably abusing his two children, although he has never admitted to it. He has an extremely variable temper, liable to flare-ups where he loses control. He is also fond of firearms. Although I strongly dislike Joseph personally, I'm trying hard to steer Joseph from the path of self destruction that Joseph has chosen. Total number of sessions: 14.

Brief Impression: Joseph Mazurka is an aggressive, potentially violent, woman hating sexist. I believe that he has suffered a history of child abuse and that he has taken up the role of his attacker by inflicting abuse upon his wife and two children. While I was seeing some improvement from the Prozac, now I believe he is very unstable, made worse by recent abuse of anabolic steroids which have caused a psychotic break. I'm considering involuntary commitment if the anabolic steroid abuse doesn't cease, as I'm concerned for his safety together with that of his family and co-workers.

Tentative Diagnosis: Sociopath. Abused child syndrome, psychotic behavior possibly caused by substance abuse, inability to control violent and aggressive behavior. Anti-social personality disorder.

Current Medications: Prozac (Fluoxetine hydrochloride, a serotonin reuptake inhibitor). 20 mg. once each morning. Patient is abusing anabolic steroids and amphetamines, although he says that he has stopped.

Previous Status: Patient was recently jailed for a physical attack on his wife. The steroids make him overtly psychotic. They are now separated. She has a protective order against him. He is living in a motel and desires reconciliation. She does not. He is having revenge fantasies against her and continuing his interest in firearms. She has apparently disappeared, although the police are questioning whether it is truly a disappearance or whether foul play is involved. Joseph was abusing amphetamines but appears to have stopped recently, or perhaps he is becoming more accustomed to their effect.

Current Status: Patient is deceased. He was murdered in December, 1996.

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