Therapy Session 1 Dated Thursday, 7/18/96
Therapy Session 2 Dated Monday, 7/22/96
Therapy Session 3 Dated Monday, 7/29/96
Telephone Call from Joseph Mazurka, Wednesday, 7/31/96
Therapy Session 4 Dated Monday, 8/5/96
Telephone Call from Carol Mazurka, Thursday, 8/8/96
Therapy Session 5 Dated Monday, 8/12/96
Telephone Call from Sgt. Tracy Keefe, Thursday, 8/22/96
Therapy Session 6 Dated Monday, 8/26/96
Telephone Call to Carol Mazurka, Thursday, 8/29/96
Therapy Session 7 Dated Tuesday, 9/03/96
Therapy Session 8 Dated Monday, 9/09/96
Therapy Session 9 Dated Monday, 9/16/96
Therapy Session 10 Dated Monday, 9/23/96
Should Joseph, who's getting increasingly violent, be involuntarily committed?
Telephone Call from Sgt. Tracy Keefe, Monday, 9/30/96
What should you tell the cops who are calling about Joseph's missing wife and kids?
Therapy Session 11 Dated Monday, 10/07/96
What should you do about Joseph, who raped Phylis after brutalizing her husband?
Therapy Session 12 Dated Monday, 10/21/96
You completely lose your cool when Joseph, feeling no remorse over raping Phylis, spins his racist fantasies of starting a paramilitary group.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Monday, 11/18/96
Joseph is being recruited by a terrorist organization.
Therapy Session 14 Dated Monday, 11/25/96
Joseph is determined to destroy himself and refuses all efforts to save him.
Conversation with Agt. Kline, Tuesday, 12/03/96
Joseph tried to extort money from the government and is being sought by the FBI.
Article on Joseph Mazurka's Death, 12/18/96
Joseph has been murdered.

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