Joseph Mazurka Personnel File, Complaints Section

Incident September 5, 1996

TO: Tom Utterman, VP Sales and Marketing

FROM: Dan Martini, Head of Sales

DATE: Friday, September 5, 1996

I just had the most disturbing conversation, if you can truly call it that,
with Joe Mazurka. He was really agitated and ranting about how he was a
firecracker or some such nonsense. He screamed at me for an hour and I
could make very little sense of any of it.

While he didn't make a particular threat he said that the best thing to
happen at SII would be to line many of his coworkers up against the wall
and clear out the deadwood. Mixed metaphors aside, I am really concerned
about his behavior. I felt quite threatened by him. Having gone my
rounds with Joe in the past I am used to some friction, but I have never
seen him like this.

I thought I should let you know about this situation as I think it would be
for the best to pull Joe off of the high profile clients. If he should
start going off like that with a client, we will be in serious trouble.

TO: Dan Martini

FROM: Tom Utterman

DATE: Wednesday, September 11, 1996

Dan, stop being such an old lady. Joe is Joe and he always will be Joe.
He's been real stressed about the delays in software, we all are. Here's
what you do, give him a pep talk and buy him a couple of drinks and put him
to work on the ComDeck project. Don't worry about the clients; Joe's a
racehorse, he's happiest when he's on the track.

You might consider cutting back on the coffee down there . . .
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