Joseph Mazurka Personnel File, Complaints Section

Incident November, 1994

Personnel Complaint Form
Wednesday, November 16, 1994

Stephanie Roberts has made a complaint against Joe Mazurka on the grounds of sexual harassment. According to Ms. Roberts, Mr. Mazurka has been telling obscene jokes and comments in front and sometimes about her. She claims to have had a great deal of trouble from Mr. Mazurka since she took over the sales department 5 months ago. Ms. Roberts finally decided to submit a formal objection after Mr. Mazurka found out that she was a Mills college graduate and made a derogatory remark using "the C word".

I have spoken to Mr. Mazurka and issued a very stern warning. He claims it was a joke and that Ms. Roberts had a problem with his style. He did promise to do what ever it takes to get along with his new superior.

I recommend that this complaint be placed as a permanent reprimand in Mazurka's personnel file.

Personnel Complaint Follow up
Friday, December 16, 1994

Stephanie Roberts has given her resignation and left the company for a position in Seattle. She would not consent to an exit interview before she left.

No further action will be made in this matter.
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