Personnel File of Joseph Mazurka, Hiring Section

Personnel Interview Recommendation Form
Monday, March 16, 1992.

Respondent Joe Mazurka interviewed for the position in Marketing/sales today. He is forceful and outgoing and very polite--he called me "Sir" several times.

Mr. Mazurka is currently employed with Zephyr Electronics in charge of the printer division. I informed Mr. Mazurka that he may be over qualified for the position at SII. He told me that he really wanted to be in software sales and has been waiting for a position at this company for some time.

His sales record for the past few years is superb. He has provided us with records through 1990. These papers show that Mr. Mazurkas department has shown significant increases since 1988 when he first began with Zephyr. He informs me that later records are not available as the company bureaucrats can't seem to get anything printed up.

He is married with two children, a boy age 8 and a girl age 6. His wife is a homemaker.

Mr. Mazurka spent two years at Chico State, he never finished his degree.

With his approval, I called Zephyr, they informed me that it was company policy never to discuss employees and hung up on me. Mr. Mazurka's references included two clients, who couldn't say enough about what a great guy he was, a "real go-getter". Mr. Mazurka appears to be fond of spending a great deal of time socializing with his clients.

Salary requirements $25,000 plus standard commission.

As the Marketing department has requested a strong closer for the position, I must recommend Mr. Mazurka for hire.

Hiring approved at $25,000 plus commission.
Tom Utterman, Vice president of Marketing.
Monday, March 23, 1992.

End of Probationary Period Evaluation
Phil Weinhart, Director of Sales.
Monday, June 29, 1992

Joe has been a terrific addition to the sales department. He has been hard working and productive, his numbers are remarkable. Thanks to Joe I expect to see double digit improvements in next quarter's figures.

The only problem is that some of his more sensitive co-workers find him a bit coarse. I have spent a lot of time with him and have no problems with his attitude. I have advised him to try and be less aggressive and he seems to be doing fine.

I recommend Joe for permanent employment.

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