Transcript of Telephone Conversation between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Sarah Wright, Monday, September 16, 1996 at 9:30 am.

Dr. Balis: Hello?
Ms. Wright: Hello, Doctor. I'm glad I caught you. I have to cancel our appointment for today.
Dr. Balis: How come Sarah?
Ms. Wright: Can't you hear it? I have a bad sinus infection. I'm just laid out. Any time I lift my head, I can't believe the headache.
Dr. Balis: You do sound like you're from New York all of a sudden. Okay, well let me ask you about the alprazolam.
Ms. Wright: Is that the Xanax?
Dr. Balis: Yeah, that's right. Have you been taking it?
Ms. Wright: I have been, but I can't say that it has done anything. I don't feel anything at all.
Dr. Balis: Well, it's important to give it time. But you aren't feeling anything unusual by way of side effects are you?
Ms. Wright: Except for being sick as a dog. But I guess I can't blame this on the drug. No, it isn't doing anything that I can tell.
Dr. Balis: Well, if you notice anything, be sure to give me a call. And I'll see you next week--let's see that'll be September 23rd at 2 pm, okay?
Ms. Wright: I'll be there, if I can shake this.
Dr. Balis: I'm sure you can. I hope you feel better. Goodbye Sarah.
Ms. Wright: Bye Doctor.
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