Therapy Session 1 Dated Monday, 9/9/96
Telephone Call Dated Monday, 9/16/96
Therapy Session 2 Dated Monday, 9/23/96
Sarah reveals that her first child was conceived by her gay ex-boyfriend.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Monday, 9/30/96
Repressing her desperate love for the gay father of her child, Sarah is making herself ill by pretending to love her husband.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Monday, 10/07/96
Therapy Session 5 Dated Monday, 10/14/96
Sarah recounts how she lost her virginity to her gay ex-boyfriend.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Monday, 10/21/96
Sarah threatens murder after catching her husband cheating on her with Robby, the love of her life.
Telephone Call from Jeff Wright Dated Monday, 10/28/96
Letter from Sarah Wright delivered Monday, 10/28/96
Sarah, no longer homicidal, tries to come to terms with the fact that her husband is a homosexual.
Letter from Sarah Wright delivered Tuesday, 11/05/96
Telephone Call Dated Monday, 11/11/96
When Sarah finds out that Robby has AIDs, Jeff pleads with her to allow Robby to move in during his illness. Sarah must decide whether she can live in the same house with her husband and the dying lover they share.
Therapy Session 7 Dated Wednesday, 11/20/96
Sarah has decided to allow the lover her husband and she share to move in during his illness.
Therapy Session 8 Dated Monday, 11/25/96
Sarah is becoming abusive to her husband after allowing his gay lover to move in with them.
Therapy Session 9 Dated Monday, 12/02/96
Sarah is finding strength in adversity, while admitting to loneliness and sexual frustration.
Therapy Session 10 Dated Monday, 12/09/96
Sarah finds herself sexually drawn towards her best friend's husband.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Monday, 12/16/96
Sarah reminisces about Christmas past and arranges a clandestine rendezvous with her best friend's husband.
Therapy Session 12 Dated Monday, 12/30/96
Sarah is exuberent after several sessions of steamy but guiltless sex with her best friend's husband.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Monday, 01/13/97
Sarah wants to quit her job to spend more time working out emotional issues with Robby, the charismatic ill lover of both Sarah and her husband.
Therapy Session 14 Dated Monday, 01/20/97
Sarah is feeling enormous contempt towards her husband Jeff and is getting increasingly depressed, undermining her ability to function.

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