Transcript of Telephone Conversation between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Sarah Wright, Monday, November 11, 1996 at 9 am.

Dr. Balis: Hello?
Ms. Wright: Hi Dr. Balis. This is Sarah Wright.
Dr. Balis: Sarah, it's good to hear from you. How are you?
Ms. Wright: Not too bad, but something has come up and I need to cancel our appointment for this afternoon.
Dr. Balis: I'm sorry to hear that Sarah. I was hoping that you were finally going to come in and that we'd have a chance to talk.
Ms. Wright: I'm really confused and I would love to talk to you, honest. I just can't this afternoon. Please understand. But make sure I'm scheduled for next Monday at 2 pm.
Dr. Balis: Yes, that'll be fine, but has something more happened than finding out about Robby and your husband? You sound sort of panicky.
Ms. Wright: Robby has AIDS.
Dr. Balis: Oh Sarah, I'm terribly sorry. I have to ask you, have you been tested?
Ms. Wright: No, but I'm going to the doctor this week. Jeff has already been tested and he's negative, so I'm hoping I'll be clear, too. Jeff doesn't want a divorce, at least not yet. He's pleading with me to let Robby move in with us until....well, until Robby goes.
Dr. Balis: I see. That could certainly be difficult, living with your lover and your husband after finding out that they've been sleeping with each other. What are you going to do?
Ms. Wright: I'm not sure. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. This just throws everything off balance, and I'm not sure how to handle it.
Dr. Balis: Try not to make any major decisions until we talk again.
Ms. Wright: Okay, I'll see you at 2:00 pm on Monday. Goodbye, Dr. B. And thanks for understanding about the missed appointment.
Dr. Balis: Goodbye Sarah. Take care of yourself.
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