Patient Name: Jesse Michael Trent

Year of Birth: 1969

Occupation: Works in a used bookstore

Original Complaint (physical): None

Original Complaint (psychological): Jesse is trying to cope with the emotional ramifications of the recent rape of his wife and the resulting changes in her personality and their marriage.

Brief Summary: Mr. Jesse Trent came to me when he realized that he was unable to cope with his wife's depression and rage after she was brutally raped in their apartment. Jesse is very much in love with his wife and fears that he is losing her. Jesse has strong feelings of guilt and anger over the rape. I want Jesse to understand his wife's feelings, and his own, and save their marriage. Total number of sessions: 6.

Brief Impression: Jesse is trying to be sensitive and strong for his wife who has to surmount the emotional trauma of a violent rape.

Tentative Diagnosis: None

Current Medications: None

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