Patient Name: Madeline Trent

Date of Birth: June 14, 1972

Occupation: Graphic Artist, SII

Original Complaint (physical): None.

Original Complaint (psychological): Stress, tension, a loss of feeling in control, interpersonal skills especially related to marriage, communication skills, help dealing with traumatizing events in the past

Brief Summary: Ms. Madeline Trent is the wife of Jesse Trent, who's also a patient. She was viciously raped by a particular sadistic intruder in her home. Now, she's trying to cope with the post traumatic stress disorder, and she's trying to regain some control and find a way to love her husband again. Madeline is now pregnant, but she's afraid that the father may be the rapist. Total number of sessions: 7.

Tentative Diagnosis: Post traumatic stress disorder resulting from being the victim of an extremely vicious rape.

Current Medications: None

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