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San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner Newspaper Article, Sunday, 04/06/97, Metro, p.E3

Transcript of Newspaper Article regarding Sylvia Bows, 04/06/97

A Twist on the Mommy Track

by Angela Prentiss for "Prentiss Prattles"

Sylvia Bows, a high-powered corporate executive at San Francisco's Silicon Impressions Inc., is a new mother of twins. Congratulations, Sylvia, you're going to be a busy woman. But maybe not as busy as you used to be.

According to a lawsuit filed in Superior Court last month, Sylvia was very busy indeed "cutting a sexual swath" through the high technology company, sleeping with every brainy guy she could find. Eleven men, all SII employees, have actually been named as sexual partners within a three month period in 1996. In fact, she's even been accused of breaking into the company's health records to rule out men diagnosed with AIDs. But, according to the complaint, Sylvia wasn't just being promiscuous--she was trying to get pregnant. And pregnant she became! Sylvia gave birth on March 17th to twins, but not ordinary twins. These twins have different gestational ages.

What does that mean? Well, Sylvia apparently ovulated twice in the same month. She got pregnant once and then, three weeks later, got pregnant again. Because of Sylvia's sexual activity at this time, the father of each twin might not be the same man. Imagine, biological twins who have different fathers! A twin half-brother!

I asked a medico of my acquaintance and he says that twins of different gestational ages happen occasionally although they're exceedingly rare. And he didn't know of any cases where the twins were born to different fathers.

Where was Sylvia's husband during this time? According to court papers, Tom Bows had undergone a vasectomy. And apparently Sylvia and Tom's marriage was a bit shaky, presumably getting more fragile after he discovered why Sylvia had been working late at night.

And so the lawyers have gotten involved. Before the twins were even born, Tom filed a lawsuit against Sylvia seeking sole custody. But he couldn't be the father, you say? In California, children conceived during a marriage are conclusively presumed to be those of the husband, regardless of the actual genetics of the matter.

And then Sylvia became the subject of another lawsuit. One of the possible fathers--Richard K. Watson, also of SII--has also filed a lawsuit seeking custody. In his complaint, he argues that he is the actual father of both of the twins. Winters claims that he was used as "an unwilling sperm donor to further Sylvia's plan to become pregnant." He provides a table of the names of many of those with whom Sylvia had liaisons together with the dates of their sexual activity to back up his claim of paternity.

In fact, there has been a parade of possible fathers. Sources inside Silicon Impressions report the existence of an office pool to wager on the identity of the real fathers. And, according to hospital sources, there have been at least three men, all claiming to be the father, coming to visit the infants. Two of the potential fathers even broke into a scuffle in the infant intensive care unit of the hospital before both were ejected.

So what's a girl to do? According to a response to Watson's suit filed by the husband's lawyer, Sylvia and Tom are attempting a reconciliation. They ask the court to dismiss Winters custody suit as a "violation of the sanctity of their marriage."

So the legal tangle will take a while to sort itself out. In the meantime, Sylvia is home with the twins and her husband Tom. One only can wonder what their pillow talk is like.
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