Therapy Session 1 Dated Monday, 7/15/96
Telephone Conversation 1 Dated Tuesday, 7/16/96
Telephone Conversation 2 Dated Tuesday, 7/16/96
Therapy Session 2 Dated Thursday, 7/18/96
Telephone Conversation with Tom Bows Dated Monday, 7/22/96
Telephone Conversation Dated Monday, 7/22/96
Therapy Session 3 Dated Tuesday, 7/23/96
Therapy Session 4 Dated Tuesday, 7/30/96
Therapy Session 5 Dated Tuesday, 8/06/96
Telephone Conversation Dated Wednesday, 8/07/96
Therapy Session 6 Dated Tuesday, 8/13/96
Telephone Conversation with Tom Bows Dated Friday, 8/16/96
Therapy Session 7 Dated Tuesday, 8/20/96
Therapy Session 8 Dated Tuesday, 8/27/96
Therapy Session 9 Dated Tuesday, 9/03/96
Telephone Conversation with Rene Wolff Dated Friday, 9/06/96
Telephone Conversation with Rene Wolff Dated Sunday, 9/08/96
Telephone Conv. with Sylvia Bows Dated Tuesday, 9/10/96
Therapy Session 10 Dated Tuesday, 9/17/96
Sylvia may be having twins conceived by different fathers.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Tuesday, 9/24/96
How does Sylvia tell her husband that she may be having twins conceived by different fathers?
Telephone Conversation with Jeorge Wolff Dated Friday, 9/27/96
Has Sylvia's deception endangered her unborn twins?
Therapy Session 12 Dated Tuesday, 10/01/96
Sylvia defends her deception and her decision to get pregnant despite medical advice.
Telephone Conv. with Dr. Malleson Dated Friday, 10/04/96
Sylvia's estranged husband Tom finds out about the twins by walking in on Sylvia's prenatal exam.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Tuesday, 10/08/96
Therapy Session 14 Dated Tuesday, 10/15/96
Sylvia tells her parents she is pregnant and serves the divorce papers on Tom.
Therapy Session 15 Dated Tuesday, 10/22/96
Sylvia is shocked when Tom seeks custody of her unborn twins.
Therapy Session 16 Dated Tuesday, 10/29/96
Sylvia is becoming withdrawn in the face of Tom's vicious fight for custody of her unborn twins.
Therapy Session 17 Dated Tuesday, 11/05/96
Therapy Session 18 Dated Tuesday, 11/12/96
Richard, convinced he is the father of the unborn twins, proposes to Sylvia, while Tom accuses her of kidnapping when she violates the court order and leaves the house.
Therapy Session 19 Dated Tuesday, 11/19/96
While Tom and Richard verbally spar over her, Sylvia is very moved by young Robert's confession about an imaginary father.
Therapy Session 20 Dated Tuesday, 11/26/96
Therapy Session 21 Dated Tuesday, 12/03/96
Sylvia had a surreal Thanksgiving dinner that owed nothing to reality.
Therapy Session 22 Dated Tuesday, 12/10/96
Now ordered on bed rest, Sylvia attributes her husband's interest in her pregnancy to evil motives.
Therapy Session 23 Dated Tuesday, 12/17/96
Sylvia goes on a strange shopping trip with Tom which changes her feelings about her pregnancy.
Therapy Session 24 Dated Monday, 12/23/96
Telephone Conversation with Tom Bows Dated Monday, 12/30/96
Therapy Session 25 Dated Tuesday, 1/07/97
Sylvia is having a change of heart about divorcing Tom; struggling to save her unborn twins and weak from anti-labor drugs, she now believes Tom is the only one she can trust.
Conversation with Tom Bows Dated Tuesday, 1/14/97
Although Sylvia 's husband Tom is hostile towards you for prescribing anti-depressants to Sylvia, he talks to you about his love for her, his custody fight, and his hopes for the health of the unborn twins.
Therapy Session 26 Dated Tuesday, 1/21/97
Sylvia is waiting for the twins to be born before confronting her ambivalence towards her husband Tom.
Therapy Session 27 Dated Tuesday, 1/28/97
Sylvia meets Hal in the Maternity ward of the hospital, and Hal meets Sylvia's husband Tom.
Therapy Session 28 Dated Tuesday, 2/04/97
Sylvia is outraged when she finds that she might have been ousted from her job.
Therapy Session 29 Dated Tuesday, 2/11/97
Sylvia has the goods on SII's CEO Lloyd Major, that "rollerblading, snowboarding son of a bitch."
Therapy Session 30 Dated Tuesday, 2/18/97
Sylvia gets a call from SII CEO Lloyd Major that puts her at ease about her job. But is Mr. Major planning some other form of attack?
Therapy Session 31 Dated Wednesday, 2/26/97
Hal, trying for a romantic balcony scene, instead falls off a ladder while proposing to Sylvia.
Therapy Session 32 Dated Tuesday, 3/04/97
When Richard sues for custody of the twins, Tom finds out about the extent of Sylvia's infidelity and flips out.
Telephone Conversation with Tom Bows Dated Friday, 3/07/97
You try to convince Tom that, ultimately, Sylvia's numerous affairs were for his benefit.
Conversation at Labor and Delivery Ward Dated Tuesday, 03/11/97
Sylvia, hospitalized after her water broke, tries to keep from delivering her twins for a few more days.
Conversation at Labor and Delivery Ward Dated Friday, 03/14/97
Conversation at Hospital Dated Tuesday, 03/18/97
Sylvia gives birth to her twins, although one is in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Therapy Session 33 Dated Wednesday, 3/26/97
While Tom and Sylvia take up residence in a hospital waiting room, three men each claim to be the father of the twin still in the ICU.
Therapy Session 34 Dated Tuesday, 4/01/97
Telephone Conversation with Tom Bows Dated Monday, 4/07/97
Newspaper Article on Sylvia Bows Dated Sunday, 4/06/97
Therapy Session 35 Dated Tuesday, 4/15/97
Sylvia copes with the repercussions of the scathing article while trying to repair her relationship with her husband.
Therapy Session 36 Dated Tuesday, 4/22/97
Therapy Session 37 Dated Tuesday, 4/29/97
Therapy Session 38 Dated Tuesday, 5/06/97
Sylvia is trying to cope with the difficulties of being a new mother in a corporate environment.
Therapy Session 39 Dated Tuesday, 5/13/97
Sylvia's relationship with Tom is improving now that she's back at work, even though she's reluctant to admit feeling love for him.
Therapy Session 40 Dated Tuesday, 5/20/97
In the emotional wake of witnessing a friend's violent epileptic seizure, Tom & Sylvia are able to renew their marital intimacy.
Therapy Session 41 Dated Tuesday, 5/27/97
Sylvia feels a rush of love towards Tom that equals the passion she used to feel, after Tom demonstrates great tact and insight by making a friend of one of Sylvia's former lovers.
Therapy Session 42 Dated Tuesday, 6/10/97
Sylvia's sister-in-law, who lost her own baby through miscarriage, kidnaps 3 month old Grant.
Therapy Session 43 Dated Tuesday, 6/17/97
Sylvia and Tom try to cope with the post-traumatic stress caused by Tom's sister's "borrowing" of 3 month old Grant.
Therapy Session 44 Dated Tuesday, 6/24/97
Sylvia and Tom are at odds with Tom's family about releasing Tom's sister from a mental hospital.
Therapy Session 45 Dated Tuesday, 7/01/97
Sylvia's mother decides to prove that Tom's sister cannot be released from confinement in a mental hospital.
Therapy Session 46 Dated Tuesday, 7/08/97
A family barbecue attended by Sylvia's parents and her in-laws turns into a brawl over Tom's sister Beverly, currently confined to a mental institution.
Therapy Session 47 Dated Tuesday, 7/15/97
Sylvia frequently tells her husband that she is too tired to have sex, but she's afraid that he's comparing her languor now with her recent promiscuous and vigorous extramarital activity.
Therapy Session 48 Dated Tuesday, 7/22/97
Sylvia touches you with her concern following your father's sudden illness and she muses about life's progressions from birth to marriage to death.
Therapy Session 49 Dated Tuesday, 8/05/97
Sylvia is strangely moved when she finds out that Richard is seeking custody because he has testicular cancer which has rendered him sterile.
Therapy Session 50 Dated Tuesday, 8/19/97
Sylvia's ex-lover Richard is dying and desperate to determine if he is the father of the twins.
Therapy Session 51 Dated Tuesday, 9/02/97
Sylvia, motivated by compassion and greed, secretly agrees to test the twins to see if Richard could be the father.
Therapy Session 52 Dated Tuesday, 9/16/97
Sylvia is slipping into a web of lies trying to get Lloyd's million dollars and to satisfy Richard's dying desire to be with his child, all while keeping Tom in the dark.
Telephone Conversation Dated Tuesday, 9/30/97
Sylvia calls to say that Richard has died.
Therapy Session 53 Dated Tuesday, 10/14/97
Richard's funeral is an emotionally-wrenching backdrop to the unraveling of Sylvia's deceptions.

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