Transcript of 58th Session between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Anna Green, Thursday, October 9, 1997 at 4:00 pm.

Dr. Balis: Hello, Anna.
Ms. Green: Sorry I canceled last week, Doctor. But I got a chance to go and hang out at Seybold--a lot more fun then sitting in the office all day. Oh, and Martin was there, too.
Dr. Balis: Did you see anything interesting?
Ms. Green: Some stuff, but it's not anything you're into, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: I suppose not. So let's talk about your new living situation. How is it working out?
Ms. Green: We're settling into a routine. I got all my stuff moved in there by the first, and I've almost unpacked it all with a lot of help from Kathy. That woman can organize! No wonder she runs the bookstore practically single-handedly.
Dr. Balis: So you're getting comfortable.
Ms. Green: I'm working on it. But I guess you're not really asking me about where I keep my underwear now, are you?
Dr. Balis: No.
Ms. Green: Bill was really the only other person I lived with other than my parents before now. And that, if you remember, was not a good situation. So I'm trying very hard now to figure out the rough spots and smooth them out before they turn into "that's just the way things are" kind of thing. You know?
Dr. Balis: I understand what you mean, but I would like to talk about those rough spots.
Ms. Green: I know. I'm just getting up to speed. For some reason shifting gears from work to therapy mode is particularly hard today.
Dr. Balis: Why don't I ask you some questions and we go from there?
Ms. Green: Sure. I'm curious what bothers you anyway, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: Hmm. Is your sexual relationship with Kathy reciprocal?
Ms. Green: You don't fool around, Doctor!
Dr. Balis: You once told me that you were not interested in having a homosexual relationship. Did you change your mind?
Ms. Green: You have a long memory, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: Well?
Ms. Green: Um, it's not that simple. In the time we've been together, I've never performed oral sex on Kathy.
Dr. Balis: Did Kathy...
Ms. Green: Yes, I let Kathy do it to me. I feel very guilty about that.
Dr. Balis: Why? Did Kathy not want to do it?
Ms. Green: Oh, no. It's not that. In fact, she begged me to let her for a long time before I let her touch me.
Dr. Balis: When was the first time?
Ms. Green: On our honeymoon.
Dr. Balis: Has she done it again?
Ms. Green: The opportunity hasn't presented itself so far.
Dr. Balis: Is that true or are you trying to avoid it?
Ms. Green: I guess it's more the later.
Dr. Balis: Did you like it?
Ms. Green: It was very exciting. I could see her and what she was doing in the closet door mirror across from the bed. I liked to look. I liked how Martin responded--he was very turned on by that.
Dr. Balis: But how about you? Did you like it?
Ms. Green: I don't know. I couldn't relax. I kept thinking about it and just couldn't let go, you know? I couldn't let myself enjoy it somehow. I tried, but I just couldn't keep my mind from racing.
Dr. Balis: What were you thinking about?
Ms. Green: Oh, just really stupid stuff. I can't even remember it really.
Dr. Balis: Hmm.
Ms. Green: I thought about how many other pussies Kathy must have licked before in her life. I wondered if she really liked it or was she doing this because she was trying to please me. What if she didn't really like it, but was doing it because she thought I did? Or because she thought that's what was expected of her? I tried not to think about that, but it kept creeping up into my thoughts.
Dr. Balis: Hmm.
Ms. Green: I tried to move so that I could see Kathy better in the mirror. I was lying propped up on the pillows, and Kathy was on her knees between my legs. I turned so I could see her in the mirror--if I could have assured myself that she was wet doing this, I could have let go more. But it was hard to see. Finally, I just moved on to other things--oral sex is not the only game in town, you know.
Dr. Balis: And you haven't done this since?
Ms. Green: Not yet.
Dr. Balis: Does Kathy want you to...
Ms. Green: I'm sure she does. But...well, it's not like I find oral sex with women repulsive. It's not that. It's just...I don't really know, Doctor. I just don't want to do it yet. I feel so guilty about that.
Dr. Balis: Guilty?
Ms. Green: Well, we're supposed to be all in love with each other and expressing that love through sexual means. But I just can't bring myself to do it. And what's worse is that I really love oral sex if it's with men, you know? I love doing it to Martin. I insist on it...or insisted.
Dr. Balis: You don't do it anymore?
Ms. Green: I feel guilty initiating it. It's like if I want to do to Martin, then I should also want to do it to Kathy. But I don't. And so there's a lot less oral sex in our household these days.
Dr. Balis: I see. Does Martin have oral sex with Kathy?
Ms. Green: I'm better.
Dr. Balis: That's not what I asked.
Ms. Green: Sure. They do it.
Dr. Balis: How do you feel about that?
Ms. Green: Fine.
Dr. Balis: I see. And how do you feel about Martin and Kathy having sex in general?
Ms. Green: What do you mean: "How I feel?" I feel fine about it.
Dr. Balis: It doesn't bother you at all?
Ms. Green: No! If it did, I wouldn't have agreed to this relationship in the first place. Really, Doctor, what are you thinking?
Dr. Balis: Okay, let's move on.
Ms. Green: Let's.
Dr. Balis: How do you deal with your sleeping arrangements? Are you all sleeping in one bed?
Ms. Green: No, that would be too uncomfortable. Well, sometimes we do. But usually, I sleep with Martin, and Kathy sleeps in the other bedroom.
Dr. Balis: I see. Is Kathy fine about that?
Ms. Green: Yes. We all have strange schedules--Kathy's bookstore stays open until ten some days, and she has to cover that shift. Martin and I have pretty open schedules--we come in when we want and leave when we're done, unless there's a meeting or something. But we have arranged to go and come back from SII together. It makes sense that we sleep together.
Dr. Balis: I see.
Ms. Green: But it's pretty flexible. One time, Kathy and I slept together--there was a good movie on TV, and we wanted to watch it. Martin didn't--he went to sleep in the other room. We do what makes sense.
Dr. Balis: Hmm. I'm glad it's working so well for you.
Ms. Green: It seems to. And we are working hard to make sure that we are all happy with the way things are. If Kathy wanted a different sleeping arrangement, I'm sure she would talk to us about it.
Dr. Balis: Hmm. Just one more question.
Ms. Green: Go ahead. I bet it'll be about sex.
Dr. Balis: It is. When you have sex, does it always have to involve all three of you?
Ms. Green: No. It's very flexible, too. If I wake up in the middle of the night and want to do it, we don't wake up Kathy. We just make love.
Dr. Balis: I see. Do you tell Kathy about it later?
Ms. Green: Sometimes.
Dr. Balis: Do you and Kathy ever make love without Martin?
Ms. Green: I'm sure it will happen.
Dr. Balis: But has it happened yet?
Ms. Green: No, not yet.
Dr. Balis: And do Martin and Kathy have sex without you?
Ms. Green: Hmm. I don't think so. I don't really know.
Dr. Balis: You don't know of an instance that they made love without you?
Ms. Green: No. There were times when I was just watching know, it was more like there was two and one action in the room.
Dr. Balis: You masturbated while Martin and Kathy had sex in front of you?
Ms. Green: Yes.
Dr. Balis: Well, we're out of time for today.
Ms. Green: Good.
Dr. Balis: I'll see next Thursday. Goodbye, Anna.
Ms. Green: Goodbye, Doctor Balis. You know? Today was more like sex therapy. Maybe you're in the wrong profession, Doctor. You should do this for a living.
Dr. Balis: Goodbye, Anna.
Ms. Green: Goodbye.
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