Transcript of 64th Session between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Anna Green, Thursday, December 4, 1997 at 4:00 pm.

Dr. Balis: Hello, Anna. How are you?
Ms. Green: Hello, Doctor. Life is hell.
Dr. Balis: Hmm? How was your Thanksgiving?
Ms. Green: I just answered you. Life is hell.
Dr. Balis: I see. Do you want to talk about it?
Ms. Green: If I didn't, I wouldn't have come, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: I can see you're in a bad mood, Anna. But directing your aggressions towards me is not particularly productive.
Ms. Green: I know, I'm sorry. It's just been a very bad week, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: Tell me about it.
Ms. Green: Well, I told you that Kathy was not invited to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I thought that was perfectly reasonable given her stupid theatrics last time she dealt with them. If I were in their place, I wouldn't have invited her either.
Dr. Balis: Hmm. Did Kathy want to go?
Ms. Green: No. She understood that it would have been bad if she went. She's not that stupid.
Dr. Balis: I see. So what did Kathy want you to do?
Ms. Green: She didn't want me to do anything. I see my parents for Thanksgiving every year. I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Unlike some people, I have a good relationship with my parents.
Dr. Balis: Hmm.
Ms. Green: What Kathy wanted--that manipulative bitch--was to have Martin stay home with her and not go with me to my parents' house.
Dr. Balis: I see. And did Martin stay with her?
Ms. Green: What do you think? Kathy put on such a show. She cried, she had hysterics, she threw up. She used every single trick in the book to try to make Martin feel like a total shit if he went with me. "You are my family. You are the only ones I have in this whole world." Totally untrue--her aunt invited her over, and she just didn't want to go. "This is our first Thanksgiving together, how can we spend it apart?"
Dr. Balis: But you said that she didn't mind if you went.
Ms. Green: Of course not. She knew that I wouldn't give in to that bullshit. If she didn't try to break Martin and me up last summer, my parents probably wouldn't have minded having her over. They just didn't want to have another scene. That's perfectly understandable. And you have to understand, Doctor Balis...
Dr. Balis: What?
Ms. Green: They think of Martin as "Mr. Right." What they were hoping was to have their future son-in-law and their daughter over for Thanksgiving dinner. This was going to be the family thing. The real family thing, not what Kathy was harping about. My dad was hoping to spend some quality time with Martin, get to know him better. I'm sure he was going to have one of those father of the bride to prospective groom talks. But...
Dr. Balis: But?
Ms. Green: But instead I spent the whole evening trying to explain why my prospective husband chose to spend Thanksgiving with our roommate! Needless to say, my parents weren't particularly understanding. My dad kept hinting that perhaps there was something going on behind my back.
Dr. Balis: Like an affair between Kathy and Martin?
Ms. Green: You can't blame them for thinking that, can you? Kathy did tell them how Martin is into multiple partners and kinky sex and stuff. By the end of the night, my mom was in tears. I kept trying to tell her that everything was all right between Martin and me. But I was very upset as well, and they could see that. They knew that when I went to the bathroom, it was to cry my heart out. That bitch! She was probably fucking Martin all night, while I had to deal with my parents and pretend that everything was all right.
Dr. Balis: Did Martin know that your parents had certain expectations of him?
Ms. Green: Of course he knew. We talk about getting married and having children all the time.
Dr. Balis: You do?
Ms. Green: Sure. We've been dating for almost a year now. We ran into each other during MacWorld Expo last January, and I consider that the beginning of our dating. But we've known each other for even more than that, remember?
Dr. Balis: Does Kathy know of your plans to get married?
Ms. Green: I'm sure, that's why she's doing everything she can to destroy them.
Dr. Balis: Since your plans for the future don't seem to include Kathy, when were you planning on telling her?
Ms. Green: I told you--she already knows. That's why she's doing all this.
Dr. Balis: But you never came out and actually told her about your plans to get married, did you?
Ms. Green: Martin and I are just talking. It's natural to talk about the future with someone you love, isn't it?
Dr. Balis: It is. But your situation is more complicated than that. You and Martin both decided to have a relationship with Kathy. Now you're planning your future together and it doesn't include her. You have to let her know how you feel about her.
Ms. Green: I would love to let her know how I feel about her, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: Is hostility all you feel for Kathy at this point?
Ms. Green: I just feel totally manipulated by her. She knows that I'm angry with her for making Martin stay home with her. But every time I try to bring up the subject and talk to her, she just bursts into tears and tells us just how much she loves us and how her life wouldn't be worth living without us.
Dr. Balis: Is Kathy threatening suicide?
Ms. Green: All the time. She only lives for us, you know.
Dr. Balis: I see. This is very serious, Anna.
Ms. Green: I know. That's why Martin and I weren't able to talk to her.
Dr. Balis: So Martin wants to dissolve this relationship as well?
Ms. Green: After I came back from Thanksgiving with my parents, I told Martin that this will never happen again. I've reached my limit. Kathy had to go, or we were history.
Dr. Balis: How did Martin take it?
Ms. Green: He agreed that things were getting a bit too intense with Kathy.
Dr. Balis: So Martin chose you.
Ms. Green: Martin is in love with me, Doctor. He is not in love with Kathy. Look, when we started this whole mess, it was fun. We were all having fun--Martin, I, and Kathy. When you're young, you are supposed to experiment with life, to try things that you'd never even consider when you're older.
Dr. Balis: Do you feel like you're older now?
Ms. Green: No, it's not that. I feel young. But I don't want this anymore. I've tried it, and I'm done with it. It's not working for me. It's not working for Martin.
Dr. Balis: Are you sure it's not working for Martin?
Ms. Green: If he wants me, and if he's in love with me, then it's not working for him, either!
Dr. Balis: I see. So you talked to Martin and made the decision to break it off with Kathy, right?
Ms. Green: It's either me or her.
Dr. Balis: And Martin wants you?
Ms. Green: Yes. You know, Doctor? I now believe that Kathy manipulated this whole thing.
Dr. Balis: What do you mean?
Ms. Green: It's the way she managed to move in with Martin even before we'd made a conscious decision to live together. She sort of forced this whole issue. I bet if she never manipulated her way into living in Martin's apartment, things would have been different.
Dr. Balis: How do you mean?
Ms. Green: Oh, I think we would have had sex together. And even taken little weekend adventure trips and explored, you know? But I think we would have never ended up living together. It would have been Martin and I as a couple having occasional sex with her. It would have never been like this.
Dr. Balis: So do you feel like this is all Kathy's fault?
Ms. Green: I think she manipulated us both. And Martin feels the same way.
Dr. Balis: I see.
Ms. Green: Now it's: "Oh, I love you, Anna. I love you, Martin. And if you don't love me back, I'll kill myself."
Dr. Balis: I think you need to get Kathy some help. It sounds like things are getting way out of control...
Ms. Green: I don't believe she'd actually do anything, Doctor. It's not her way. She's just using this death thing to manipulate us.
Dr. Balis: And it's working.
Ms. Green: It's working on Martin. I'm becoming more and more oblivious to it.
Dr. Balis: Doesn't Kathy notice your hostility and anger towards her?
Ms. Green: She's just pretending that I'm still sore about Thanksgiving.
Dr. Balis: I know this is a painful subject for you, but do Kathy and Martin still have sex together?
Ms. Green: I'm sure they did it when I was gone. Kathy can just pick up a whip and put on some "come fuck me boots," and Martin is's pathetic!
Dr. Balis: So you believe that Martin is being sexually manipulated by Kathy?
Ms. Green: It's obvious, isn't it? He's the bottom and she's the top--when it's convenient for her. Lately, I don't let her do that too much.
Dr. Balis: Hmm?
Ms. Green: The last couple of times we had sex together, I was the one with the whip. And, Doctor, I've never enjoyed it more!
Dr. Balis: Are you saying that you purposely hurt Kathy?
Ms. Green: She's into that, you know. But no. I didn't really hurt her. I can't. I want to, but I can't.
Dr. Balis: I see. So what are you planning to do?
Ms. Green: I'm planning to go home.
Dr. Balis: That's not what I mean, and you know it.
Ms. Green: I don't know. I'm planning to have another long talk with Martin and then...I'll tell you next week, Doctor. I'm tired now. And I'm very upset.
Dr. Balis: All right. Our time is up. I'll see you next week. And please call me if...
Ms. Green: ...the bitch wants to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Roger.
Dr. Balis: Call me before it comes to that.
Ms. Green: I'll see you next week, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: Goodbye, Anna.
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