Transcript of Telephone Conversation between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Anna Green, Thursday, February 27, 1997 at 8:48 am.

Ms. Green: Doctor Balis?
Dr. Balis: Anna? Hello! I was worried about you. How are you?
Ms. Green: I'm fine. Actually I was hoping to speak to your answering machine or answering service or something.
Dr. Balis: You don't want to talk to me directly?
Ms. Green: Actually no. Not really.
Dr. Balis: Why not?
Ms. Green: Look Doctor Balis, it's nothing personal.
Dr. Balis: I'm glad to hear that.
Ms. Green: I want to cancel my appointment.
Dr. Balis: Oh. May I ask why?
Ms. Green: I've had a really difficult couple of days, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: That's why I think it's very important that we meet.
Ms. Green: I knew you were going to say that. That's why I just wanted to leave you a message.
Dr. Balis: What were you going to say in the message?
Ms. Green: That I wanted to cancel for today. That I didn't want you to worry about me. That I'm staying with my parents this week and that I don't want you to get in touch with me.
Dr. Balis: Were you planning on coming in next week?
Ms. Green: Oh yes Doctor. I'm not leaving you or anything. I just need time to get grounded in reality again. And I will talk to you and tell you everything that's going on. Just not right now. Not today. It's just too much. I want to not think about anything for the next few days or so. I want to go shopping with my mom. I want to help her make dinners. I want to play chess with my father. I want to just sit and watch bad TV for a while. But I don't want to talk about anything. Do you understand?
Dr. Balis: Yes. Remember that I'm here for you. We can talk when you're ready.
Ms. Green: Thank you Doctor. And I'll miss you. Really!
Dr. Balis: I'll miss you too. Take care of yourself Anna. I'll see you next week.
Ms. Green: Sure thing. Goodbye.
Dr. Balis: Goodbye.
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