Transcript of Telephone Call between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Christina Herald, Thursday, March 6, 1997 at 10:51 am.

Ms. Herald: Hey! That you, Doctor? How are you?
Dr. Balis: Doing well, Chris. How are you?
Ms. Herald: Okay. Kind of frazzled right now. Listen, I don't mean to be a pain in the ass or anything, but do you think that I could cancel my appointment for this week? I totally forgot about midterms, and if I don't finish my project for Professor Carmichael, my pretty little ass is gonna be in the proverbial sling. I...
Dr. Balis: Okay, okay, Christina. Calm down. Breathe between sentences, please. That's good. I understand your commitment to school, so if you want to cancel this week, that's fine. Can you make the same time next week? Will that work for you?
Ms. Herald: That sounds great. Yeah. I can make it. Sure.
Dr. Balis: Uh, Chris?
Ms. Herald: Yepper...
Dr. Balis: How much coffee have you had today? You sound wired.
Ms. Herald: Not too much.
Dr. Balis: Chris....
Ms. Herald: Okay, probably too much. Yeah.
Dr. Balis: Like how much?
Ms. Herald: Let me put it this way. Malcolm at Caffe Roma says that he's going to hook me to an intravenous caffeine drip next time. It'll be a good deal quicker and easier for everyone involved. But I won't get the nice fresh-roasty flavor. Hey, do you think asking him out would be too much like a heroin addict dating the drug dealer, like that Darla chick in "The Crow"?
Dr. Balis: Quite frankly, it just might. Do you ever sleep, Chris?
Ms. Herald: Sleep? What's that? Oh yeah, that's what you do when you don't have this old gargoyle of a lit professor breathing down your neck about a midterm project on Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. I'm seriously at the point of considering running around flapping my arms and screeching "Nevermore!" at people. I can recite the damn thing in my sleep. What sleep, I know. But I do sleep, well, a little.
Dr. Balis: And the panic attacks?
Ms. Herald: Not yet. Not today, anyway. It's only eleven in the morning, so the day is young. And I'll probably have a humdinger and be unable to study anyways. I didn't think of that. I actually feel pretty stupid now. Quick, what's a good way to hold off a panic attack. Stop it before it starts and all that?
Dr. Balis: You might try drinking a lot of water, or exercising to move the caffeine through your system before it can affect you negatively...
Ms. Herald: I think I might already be a little too late. I'm sorry, Doctor. I'm going to let you go and try to calm myself down before this gets really bad. Okay?
Dr. Balis: I think that's a good idea. Take care, Chris. I'll see you next Thursday.
Ms. Herald: Right on. Bye, Doctor.
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