Therapy Session 1 Dated Monday, 08/10/98
Madeline, a new patient, is suffering from acute stress after being called to testify as a defense witness in support of the man who raped her.
Therapy Session 2 Dated Tuesday, 08/18/98
Madeline is having difficulty allowing herself to just relax.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Tuesday, 09/08/98
Madeline is unprepared to face the approaching trial of her assailant and the rigors of having to testify as a rape victim.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Tuesday, 09/15/98
Madeline tries to use some relaxation techniques to reduce the stress levels in her life.
Telephone Call Dated Tuesday, 09/22/98
Even though scheduled to testify on behalf of her attacker this week, Madeline cancels her appointment.
Therapy Session 5 Dated Tuesday, 10/06/98
Madeline vividly describes the sadistic rape which still traumatizes her.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Tuesday, 11/03/98
Madeline feels that she's been growing apart from Jesse because of his lack of ambition.
Therapy Session 7 Dated Tuesday, 11/10/98
Madeline, who always seemed to be the patient least likely to take drugs, shows up for a session under the influence of marijuana.

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