Therapy Session 1 Dated Tuesday, 07/14/98
Herbert, a new patient, is a misogynistic drug dealer who is seeking recreational pharmaceuticals to ease his troubles.
Therapy Session 2 Dated Tuesday, 07/28/98
Herb talks about dealing drugs and recounts a bit of his childhood: growing up with a permissive, drug abusing mother and a parade of her abusive lovers.
Telephone Call with Herbert Michel Dated Monday, 09/14/98
Herb calls from Reno, Nevada to spread the news of his quickie wedding.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Thursday, 09/17/98
Herbert is high on drugs and vicious to Lenore, his new bride.
Conversation with Lenore Marconi Dated Tuesday, 09/22/98
Lenore paints a grim picture of life with Herbert.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Thursday, 10/01/98
Herb further reveals himself as a particularly unpleasant and abusive person.
Therapy Session 5 Dated Thursday, 10/15/98
Herbert makes a big score selling drugs to a college fraternity.
Conversation with Lenore Marconi Dated Monday, 11/02/98
Herbert attacks Lenore, who shows up beaten and bloody.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Thursday, 11/12/98
Herbert describes with relish how he sexually assaulted and brutalized his pregnant wife.
Telephone Call with Lana Michel, 12/07/98
Herb's mother, concerned that he is violating the basic tenets she taught him about dealing drugs, believes that he is in grave danger.
Telephone Call with Sgt. Keefe and Lenore Michel, 12/11/98
During one of Herb's sexual assaults on Lenore, she severs his penis.
Telephone Call with Herbert Michel, 02/12/99
Herbert is lucky to have his penis after doctors reattach it, and he needs to fully consider the consequences of making a criminal complaint against Lenore.
Conversation with Lenore Marconi Dated Monday, 02/15/99
Lenore is pregnant in a psychiatric hospital and she recounts what happened the night that Herbert raped her.

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