Transcript of a telephone conversation between Mr. Luke Howard and Dr. Charles Balis, M.D. regarding Ms. Eliza Raven, Monday, May 5, 1997 at 5:00 pm.

Mr. Howard: Hello, Dr. Balis?
Dr. Balis: Yes, this is he.
Mr. Howard: Dr. Balis, this is Luke Howard. You may remember me. I am Eliza Raven's fiancé.
Dr. Balis: Oh yes. I remember you, Mr. Howard. What can I do for you?
Mr. Howard: Um...I was just wondering if you know where Eliza is?
Dr. Balis: Is she not at home?
Mr. Howard: No. She's gone, and she took all of her stuff, too. Even the baby grand piano I got for our anniversary last month.
Dr. Balis: I'm sorry, Mr. Howard. I really can't help you.
Mr. Howard: Well, you talked to her Tuesday, right?
Dr. Balis: Mr. Howard, you know that I can't...
Mr. Howard: Discuss your patients. I know, I know. I'm just worried. All she left was a stack of photographs, a video, and the ring that I gave her. Do you think that she is trying to break up with me?
Dr. Balis: I really can't talk about this with you, Mr. Howard.
Mr. Howard: Well, maybe you can talk to the police. They're probably going to be calling you soon.
Dr. Balis: You filed a missing person report?
Mr. Howard: Yeah, but they haven't come up with anything yet.
Dr. Balis: I really am sorry, Mr. Howard.
Mr. Howard: That makes two of us. Oh, by the way?
Dr. Balis: Yes?
Mr. Howard: If I find out that you've been lying to me, I'll rip your goddamned snooty throat out. So, you better hope that you haven't lied about the whereabouts of my girl. Oh, and if I find out that you've touched her in any way whatsoever, I'll kill you.
Dr. Balis: You might consider working on controlling your aggression, Mr. Howard. Good day.
Mr. Howard: Whatever
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